Wordless Wednesday – The Near But Distant Past/Future

The old me, but someday new me again?I keep thinking of the “me I used to be” before Type 1 diabetes, but also before all the weight gain made even worse by Type 2-like insulin resistance tacked onto Type 1.

<–I want this again. This makes me want to work for it as hard as I can, because I remember this “me.” I felt good, and I felt healthy. (I know, I’m never truly “wordless,” and in the spirit of full disclosure, this picture has been photo-shopped to remove the person who was standing beside me. Better that one be forgotten.)


Wordless Wednesday – Take THAT

Suck it, diabetes!

(I also like to make this face when my diabetes has been misbehaving. If my Dexcom goes off ONE MORE TIME in the middle of the night because of a low or high, I might just lose it. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever sleep a straight 6-8 hours ever again.)

Wordless Wednesday – Giving Back

Volunteered with a few hundred other co-workers and community members to sort and package foodstuffs to feed 100,000 people in our state.

Volunteered this morning with a few hundred other co-workers and community members to package 100,000 meals to feed the hungry in our state.

There are food banks all over the US…find one in your area, donate or volunteer today! http://feedingamerica.org/