Diabetes Awareness Month Photo-a-Day 3 – Snacks

My photo of go-to snacks I most always have on hand to treat low blood sugars:

Dark chocolate is my FAVORITE of these :)

  • Milk = for when it’s going low but not TOO low. One cup has just enough carbs, some protein and fat to stave off a low and also not send my blood sugar shooting for the stars.
  • Fruits = showing raspberries here, but I also like bananas, grapes, and blueberries. All in moderation, of course, and I try my best to measure out my fruit “dose” before eating it, so I know how many carbs I’m consuming.
  • Apple juice or other juice boxes = means shit is getting real, and it’s a REALLY low low, or I’m feeling the heady spiral towards an enormous crash. No guarantees that the juice will be the only thing I correct with in this case. Over-treatment of the low is a distinct possibility if I’ve resorted to juice. Forget the fifteen wait fifteen rule.
  • Dark chocolate = My sugar weakness. Pairs well with the milk for the low. Also, if I just barely have an arrow trending down on my CGM and I’m about to do some sort of activity, I’ll pre-reward myself. (But it must be specifically DARK chocolate. Milk chocolate just isn’t worth it to me anymore.)
  • No, I don’t keep my snacks outside for the squirrels to eat, I just get tired of always having my kitchen counter-top as the background of my photos.
  • I DO also keep GlucoLift glucose tablets in my car, in my purse, etc, but those are totally LAST resort. Over the years, I’ve restricted myself so much on having sweets, fruits, and things I really love because of diabetes. If the big D is going to screw up my day by giving me a hard crash, I’m going to have something I WANT to deal with it.