Don’t Mess with this Fairy

My husband is due home tonight after being away for 5 REALLY long days. (He went to GenCon. I couldn’t get away from work due to some big projects, and we weren’t quite sure we were ready to leave our daughter for that long with anyone else, so I took the hit for the team and stayed behind.  I am still very jealous, but happy he got to have some super fun and scope it all out to prepare us for our trip together next year – for sure, I’m going!!)

I’ve had plenty of challenges this week, and it’s times like these that make me totally respect and admire single moms and dads. Being solely responsible for a kid 24/7 is exhausting business. Add on the ups and downs of blood sugars, and it can sometimes be the perfect storm of fun-suck.
I have had a couple of crashes, and some stubborn lows the past few days – chasing around a very active 2 year old tends to mirror the effects of 90 minutes of aerobic exercise for me – but overall, I think we both came through it with flying colors. I mean, we’re both still alive, right?

And speaking of colors, we had an amazingly fun time yesterday at a friend’s birthday party – theme: Princess Dress-up. Our household isn’t really into princesses, especially not the damsel-in-distress kind, but we’re keeping an open mind, and will let our daughter find her own way in what she likes. So far, it’s been like pulling teeth whenever we *wanted* her to put on dressy outfits for pictures or for playtime, so I wasn’t sure how the party would go. After some stressful dress-picking (and her asking to put on a robot costume instead – the one she has at home of Optimus Prime) she got all dolled up and really had a fabulous time with all the other Princesses and Fairies. Here’s just a few pics that were so cute I had to share. Happy Sunday!

She won't sit still 2 seconds for me to clip her fingernails, yet she begs for a stranger to paint them?

She won’t sit still 2 seconds for me to clip her fingernails, yet she begs for a stranger to paint them?

Bad-ass Fairy with a Scimitar tattoo. Seriously, don't mess with her.

Bad-ass Fairy with a Scimitar tattoo.
Seriously, don’t mess with her.

Instead of walking the red carpet by herself in the final show, she wanted to run with the Wizard and Knight. Girl knows it's best to have a well-balanced adventuring party.

Instead of walking the red carpet by herself in the final show, she wanted to run with the Wizard and Knight. Girl knows it’s best to have a well-balanced adventuring party.

Games Kids Play

Over Memorial Day weekend, our family traveled to the NC mountains area to visit friends who have a 4 year old son. Our “vacations” are quite different now that we have a kid – the focus is more on finding things we ALL will enjoy instead of it being a sight-seeing adventure for just myself and my husband. Visiting friends who have children is a win-win because, since our daughter is a rambunctious and curious 2 year old, we knew we were heading to a kid-friendly house that would provide plenty of new distractions, and would hopefully hold some fun for all of us. Our daughter could be involved in various kid-activities and play games with their son, and while they were self-entertaining, it might allow us parents to play some games of our own – like Settlers, Puerto Rico, and Tichu.

Bless you!

Tichu special cards – Mah Jong, Dog, Dragon, Phoenix. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Penelope and Magnus (code names invented to protect our innocent kids who may not want their names splashed all over the internet) had an awesome time playing together with his drum-set, guitars, rescue helicopter, train set, and even built (with some parental assistance) a fortress/tunnel out of couch pillows and ottoman cubes.

Then a game seemed to sprout up mysteriously (to the untrained diabetic eye) where they took these little Leap-Frog game cartridges and lifted up their shirts to put them underneath. I heard them saying “meh-sin” (medicine) a lot, and then they would run around and show these cartridges to us. It was funny how both of them had one, and would mimic doing the exact same thing.

Of course I knew where this game had originated – the night before, they caught me pulling out my pump from underneath my shirt and giving myself a bolus before dinner. “What’s that?” Magnus asked. “It’s my medicine, ” I said. “It helps me be able to eat and process my food so I can have the energy to be healthy and strong.”

Penelope has always been curious about all my diabetic accoutrements – insulin pump, CGM site on my thigh, and testing my sugar using the finger-stick meter. She’s getting old enough now that I’ve started giving her a little more information about my “meh-sin” and how I take care of myself. I follow several other diabetes patient blogs (like SixUntilMe) where the bloggers have children of similar ages to Penelope, so I’m paying attention to the various conversations people have with their kids surrounding diabetes. I don’t ever want to scare her or make her worry about me, but I do want her to be cognizant and informed about my condition. Always a new frontier where diabetes and my family is concerned 🙂