Diabetes Awareness Month Photo-a-Day 5 – Advocate

There are so many ways to be an advocate for something. It’s not hard, I promise! Half of these you can do without even trying.

  • Talk to your friends and family about it.
  • Participate in events around it.
  • Educate those who ask you about it.
  • Fund-raise and donate to causes that support it in some way.
  • Write a blog and communicate with others on the internet about it.
  • Meetup with others who have experience with it, and/or create a local group that can support each other in person.

I like to do all of these things, and my “it” just happens to be diabetes. (I am also a new member of Diabetes Advocates, yay!)

Gooooo Rowdies!

Part of my JDRF walk team from last weekend, all of us T1 (except for my daughter) and just some pretty all-around great girls!

(More advocacy! Sharing info from others within the DOC: Diabetes Month Photo-a-day prompts found at sixuntilme.com. Your DAM guide to Diabetes Awareness Month located at theperfectd.com)

Sweet New Threads

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve become quite open about my diabetes in recent years, and have started wearing more diabetes-related apparel.

Got this *sweet*  new t-shirt in the mail today, that I had ordered through a TeeSpring fundraiser from Stick With It Sugar

Love it, Christina!

I’m already in love! Proceeds benefit JDRF, so it’s a win-win!! (FYI – I’m not sure if she is still selling the t-shirts…)

Thanks, Christina!

The t-shirt color is actually more a dark blue, not black – these pics were from my crappy cell phone. I was just too lazy today to haul out the big fancy camera.

Watch for me out and about around town – I’ve got the Electric Run 5k that I’ll be walking in tonight, and I think I’ll wear it there. Even though it’s a dark shirt,  I will be accessorizing with tons of glow in the dark bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, etc, as well as toting around some LED flashing lights, so people SHOULD be able to see me regardless!

Props to Type 1 Design

Last week, some d-friends stumbled upon this “type 1 diabetes infographic” and I’ve been seeing it make the rounds across Facebook, blogs, Tumbler, etc. ever since. It’s an amazingly informative (and amusing) explanation of Type 1 diabetes that is something we can share with everyone who might not “get it.” Love it. Share it. Tell everyone about it!

In tooling around the site a little more, you’ll see there are pretty cool looking Type 1 t-shirts for sale as well, and the option to get a quote from the designer to have him do custom work for you.

Here’s the props for awesomeness: the designer is a Type 1 himself, and a portion of the proceeds from the work he does is donated to JDRF!

I’m working on building my walk team for our local November 2nd JDRF walk, and one thing I wanted was a special t-shirt to give my team members who fund-raise at least $50 or more.  How better to design the logo (since my creative brain is toast right now) than to have this guy do it?  I contacted him via the Quote request button on the site, and he got back to me lickety-split.

We did everything by email – I gave him a very broad idea of what I was looking for, and he helped me focus and nail down specifics. He created some fabulous options, and within just a few days, we had settled on the design, he emailed it to me in various formats, and I paid my invoice to him online. Easy peasey! And I LOVE it! Very reasonable in cost, and like I mentioned, a portion of the proceeds goes to JDRF, so that’s a win-win!

Buzz buzz

Goooooooo Rowdies! Doesn’t this make you want to join my team? Or at least donate? 😉

(All that just to say….if you need some graphic design work done, or any of the other services he offers, I would HIGHLY recommend him – Type 1 Design, Ryan Brown!!)

Newfound Love for JDRF

I’ve joined other people’s teams for the JDRF walk in the past, but this is my first year creating my own team – The Rowdies!! Was thrilled to receive a nice little packet in the mail about the Raleigh, NC walk on November 2nd today, complete with a hand-written note from the Development Manager of our local JDRF chapter. It included an invite to a free family team “rally” and movie at a local theater, as well as info on an upcoming luncheon and family picnic that will be taking place before the actual walk. Such a simple thing, and simple events, but I am so excited and encouraged by this little letter and communication, that I plan to *make* the time to go to one or more of these pre-walk events.Very nice note and packet. So impressed.

Maybe I just needed a Friday pick-me-up, or maybe I’m feeling particularly emotional this week, but I’m flabbergasted in the best possible way! I’ve volunteered with several non-profits over the years (and even co-founded a non-profit schnauzer rescue several years ago) so I know first-hand how hard it is to manage, cultivate, and retain good volunteers. It takes a certain mind-set of appreciation, work and effort, and not a lot of non-profits have the time, money, or charismatic leadership to do what it takes.

Now that I’m finally starting to focus philanthropic efforts on more diabetes-related organizations, I’m coming to realize that the JDRF is doing a stand-up job of making me feel wanted and included. Which is totally a surprise, because for many years, I sort of “ignored” the JDRF….I mean, it was for “juvenile” diabetics (right?), and I was diagnosed at age 21, so I sort of felt like I had already aged-out of the target market for the group. I’m beginning to see that my thoughts could not have been farther from the truth. I love the fact that they have family events – things I can take my daughter to and show her other people living normally (just like her Mama!) with diabetes. I love that they took the time to send me a hand-written note (who does THAT anymore?) I love that they are offering up events and meetings where I will have the opportunity to interact with other type 1 diabetics, young and old. I love that (at least, so far) all I have received from them is encouragement with no pressure. THAT makes volunteering all the more sweet and worthwhile for me. And the fact that I am volunteering and fundraising for an organization that may someday have a hand in helping find a cure this stupid disease?? BONUS!!

If you live anywhere near Raleigh, NC and need a walk team to join on November 2nd for the walk, please join The Rowdies!! I’d love to see you and hang out for a bit! (And probably get a little rowdy! Today is apparently exclamation point day!!!)