Wordless Wednesday – The Near But Distant Past/Future

The old me, but someday new me again?I keep thinking of the “me I used to be” before Type 1 diabetes, but also before all the weight gain made even worse by Type 2-like insulin resistance tacked onto Type 1.

<–I want this again. This makes me want to work for it as hard as I can, because I remember this “me.” I felt good, and I felt healthy. (I know, I’m never truly “wordless,” and in the spirit of full disclosure, this picture has been photo-shopped to remove the person who was standing beside me. Better that one be forgotten.)


The Calm (?) before the Storm

Things have been really quiet for Fifteen Wait Fifteen over the last couple of months. Not for lack of material to write about, but mainly due to lack of time. “What have you been doing?” you may ask? Well……

  • March was filled with sleepover weekends, a trip to the mountains to visit college friends, March Madness & my husband traveling to Florida. Many, many birthday parties of kids we know, celebrations for birthdays of adults we know (which included a trip to Asheville to stay at the Grove Park Inn with girl friends for one birthday, and also a Biker Bar tour of Durham for another friend’s birthday), and the arrival of Frozen on DVD. (The DVD thing? Blessing + Curse.) My daughter LOVES that movie, and so far we’ve only had to watch it a couple of times since she got it. I know all the songs by heart now – because of course, we had to put the soundtrack in the car, and despite my best efforts to sing songs *I* like in my free time, I end up singing something from that movie instead. Drat.
  • April was also filled with birthday parties, including my daughter’s 3rd birthday party where – you guessed it – Queen Just Let It Go already!Elsa made an appearance. (Technically, she was the “Snow Queen” from Fairytale Dreamer, but the kids did not care one whit what we called her – she WAS Elsa!) Easter activities included several fun egg hunts, I hosted Book Club night at my house in April (we had read The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls, which I liked a lot, and it was set in the NC mountains), Penny started swimming lessons, Game of Thrones season 4 began, we had several nights of playing cards & games with neighbors, and hanging out with the kids outside…all lovely times.

Throughout this time of much happiness and enjoyment, I’ve not allowed myself to become bogged down in the pain, but there has been a lot of it. My feet and plantar fasciitis hurt all the time. I have also been going to the chiropractor every couple of weeks for a new-ish pain in my right shoulder and neck – I’ve had it since November, and it just won’t go away, so I went back to my orthopedist and also started some physical therapy. Have an MRI scheduled this week to look into it as well. It could just be bursitis (ugh, that sounds like an ancient person’s disease, like having a goiter or gout, doesn’t it? Of course, some days, with as much creaking and aching as I have, I do feel ancient…) but we’re checking everything, just to make sure. My posture while working at the computer 9+ hours per day is terrible, so I’m also trying to fix that as a potential cause, and make my working area more ergonomic.

And let’s not forget all my appointments in working towards having the vertical sleeve gastrectomy…I’ve seen my surgeon 3 more times (for a total of 6 visits, required by insurance), been to 2 nutrition classes, attended 2 pre-op support group meetings, done a “protein shake” tasting class, and have now checked off everything needed, so my doctor has submitted all the paperwork (it was seriously about a 1.5 inch stack of papers. *Paper* – really? You can’t electronically submit that stuff yet???) All-in-all, I’ve had about 20 doctor or lab visits and tests to get to this point, including visits with a psychologist, having an endoscopy, blood work, and having a gall bladder/liver ultrasound. Now comes the “fun” part….waiting to get the approval from insurance, getting the call from my surgeon’s office, and scheduling a surgery date. I’m tremendously excited and apprehensive, all rolled into one. Getting to this point was easy, in the grand scheme of things. The hard part will be the liquid diet for close to a month (one week before surgery, and 2-3 weeks after), then moving to soft/pureed foods, then eventually up to eating/chewing food normally, but making sure to get in enough protein FIRST. One of these blogs, I’ll spell out all the rules around food and eating that I will be needing to follow. It’s a little crazy-town. But if it takes this to kick-start my weight loss, reduce the effects of insulin resistance, and help me get to a much more healthy place, I’m going to do it!

Hoping to get some major blogging action going on next week for the 5th annual Diabetes Blog Week!! It will also mark one year since I started this blog. Time is certainly flying! And oh, how things have changed in a year…..yet the really big storm of change is about to come!

Crazy Spa Day

I have GOT to write a post about this picture from my Spa Day at the Grove Park Inn.  Diabetes…you really pissed me off that day.

Period. Insulin Resistance. Period.

Attention men: You may want to stop reading now. We’re about to delve into one of those mysterious women-folk-things that might make you queasy, so don’t feel obligated to read this post in it’s entirety. But if you really want to, by all means, feel free! Maybe you’ll learn something. It’s really not THAT gross, I’m just going to say “period” a lot. You’ve been warned.

OK, back to this period thing. Being a woman of child-bearing age, I have a period every month. Having type 1 diabetes on top of that means, my body goes through weird cycles of hormones that connect both of those things. I’m sure other type 1 women have noticed this, but I finally paid close attention this month, and here’s my personal amazing discovery, always with the disclaimer that Your Diabetes May Vary (and I am in no way a doctor or medical professional):

On the first few days of my period, I CAN EAT CHINESE FOOD and NOT go high as a kite sugar-wise! I was curious as to why, hormonally, this might happen. Then I looked at a chart of the cycle of progesterone and estrogen hormones.

I learned many, many things about my body (some I wish I didn’t know) when we were undergoing fertility treatments trying to have our little girl. The main thing I learned, and saw in action very frequently, was that progesterone made my blood sugars run steadily higher the more of it I was taking. (This also supports why, in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy, you become the most insulin resistant as well – it’s when you have the most progesterone coursing through your body.)

In the little chart above, you can see progesterone levels come crashing down at the end of your monthly cycle, thus, triggering your period. For me this past week, these hormone changes equated to one visit to Red Bowl, with me eating “flower chicken” (no breading on the chicken, and a light sauce low in sugar), veggies, a small portion of fried rice AND half an eggroll, and actually going LOW afterwards. It was so unbelievable, I had to try it again a couple days later. The next time, I got a little more brave, ate some wonderfully evil-and-carb-filled Spicy Chicken, bolused appropriately for it in a dual-wave, and peaked at a high of only 165 about an hour and a half later. It was truly magical.

The one thing I didn’t get the test over the last few days was pizza. Next month, I will! Now, I’m not saying we all should go out and eat vats of Chinese food and pizza when we are all on our periods, but if you’re going to do it, may as well do it when it will affect ye olde blood sugars the least, right?  (Oh, and speaking of monthly reminders – you might want to change out the lancet in your checker 🙂 )