Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

I thought maybe if I said it 3 times, it would somehow endow me with magical exercising abilities? I feel like I talk a lot about exercise, but don’t really DO enough exercise. I need to work on that. Ironically, I will now proceed to talk about the exercise I know I have planned to do in the near future that involves very worthy causes!

  • Saturday, August 10, 2013 in Cary, NC – I’m volunteering at a charity 5k to benefit SIDS research. Check out my info/fundraising page at CJ Foundation Bella Rose Strides for Babies. OK, so technically this isn’t “exercise” since I’m not actually running in the 5k, but let me tell you, a few hours of helping people register, using brainpower, and walking around making sure things are running smoothly WILL affect my blood sugars just as if I were exercising!
  • Friday, September 13, 2013 – I WILL be participating in the Electric Run in Raleigh, NC. How cool is this….a night-time, non-timed 5k event where you can run, walk, dance, push a stroller – whatever – all while enjoying a light show with music, and the proceeds will benefit a local charity. I like the non-competitive nature of this 5k, and hope to have several friends join me in the wonderment of it! (If you’d like to join our team and hang out that night, shoot me an email to fifteenwaitfifteen at Gmail  (you know how to set up the email address) and I’ll send you the info on how to sign up and make sure you are on our team!!
  • Saturday, November 2, 2013 – Yay, the JDRF walk  is in Raleigh, and I’m heading up a team, of course! Would love to have you join my team (just click on the links in this paragraph for more info), but even if you can’t, I’m fundraising and donations are always welcome! I’m hoping by the time this walk rolls around, I’ll be in better shape from other summer events, swimming, etc. I feel sooooo out of shape right now, and the heat of summer makes me want to curl up and just melt into a puddle.

Well, that is all on the agenda for now! As a side note also related to exercise, please take a minute to go view this video by our DOC friend Scott Johnson of Scott’s Diabetes.  He made it to the semi-finals of the Insulindependence Athletic Achievement awards! Let’s help him WIN! All you have to do is view his video:

(…..and now that I’ve talked about doing exercise, I think it’s time to go ride the stationary bike for at least 30 minutes. I think I can, I think I can!)