Diabetes Awareness Month Photo-a-Day 9, 10, 11 – Support, Exercise, Play

Catching up on my photo-a-days before this week completely gets out of control! Work is ramping up, and there’s a “chance” of snow tomorrow. Understand: we don’t get a lot of snow around here, and if/when we do, it’s like a natural disaster that requires help from the National Guard. Schools and stores shut down, no one can drive in it, there are cars in ditches everywhere, etc. All the bread, milk, and eggs disappear from grocery store shelves if there is even the HINT from the weather-people that it might snow. (Why milk and eggs? Wouldn’t they spoil first if the power goes out? Is french toast really what you want to eat for days stuck in the house?) And if we do manage to eek out an inch or so of accumulation, all schools and events are canceled. Heck, most times they are canceled even before the supposed snow is actually seen, and then when it ends up being rain, or melting after 2 hours,  everyone is still out of work and out of school. It’s ridiculous.

OK, so I digress…..

Shoes support me, yes, it's true


The spirit of “support” for this day was probably meant to involve how families and friends support us in our management of diabetes, but since I lumped it together with exercise and play, this photo seemed more appropriate. I depend on my shoes (and the orthotic inserts within them) to give me the support I need to continue walking without TOO much pain, although sometimes it does become quite annoying.

Fabulous fall!


I always talk about how I need to exercise more. I LOVE walking and hiking, especially in the gorgeous parks and recreation areas we have around our house. (But having plantar fasciitis does make it not-so-fun at times.)  I took this picture of a path I walked along yesterday when I was shooting some family photos for my neighbor. Side note: as if it’s not enough that my feet hurt while walking, I was a complete klutz and twisted my ankle along one of the bumpier paths, so now I’m limping today. That’s NOT going to be encouraging me to exercise on a regular basis. Seems this always happens – I get an injury anytime I start a new exercise routine and have to deal with the setback/lack of motivation all over again. Grrrr.

This is how I will always remember playing in the leaves.


I live for the times I can play with my daughter. Forgetting diabetes, forgetting sore feet, forgetting work and forgetting things-to-do around the house….play time is the BEST time – I will cherish it forever, and do my best to always have time for play.

Week in Pictures Roundup

I know it’s Wednesday, and might be kind of odd to do a “week in review” post (honestly, it’s more like a week-and-a-couple-days in review”), but that’s what you’re getting today. Kind of goes along with the “Wordless Wednesday” theme, although you know, I’m rarely “wordless.”

And this was the highest it was for most of the morning.

My blood sugar at the end of the Dance Dash 5k. After snarfing tons of carbs along the way, just to keep from falling out from running so low. Thank goodness my husband came along to feed me and watch our daughter.

She keeps me going, even when I feel like stopping

Recovering from the lows, and feeling good to be with my family. I need to work more on my strategies for managing blood sugars while exercising, obviously.

Loss is inevitable.

A somber trip to the mountains to say goodbye to my uncle who died of bone marrow cancer.
RIP Uncle Roger.

Just hanging around

Fun at the park for a 2 year old friend’s birthday party

Electric running (OK, walking) was the best!

My team who did the Electric Run 5k. OK, so most of us walked it. My sugar crashed of course (again) but I made it through. A night filled with friends, lights, and LED displays made the exercise worth it!

Mmmm, cupcakes

Morning after the Electric Run 5k, I walked the Cupcake Fun Run 5k. With cupcakes available, surely my blood sugars would survive?!! They did OK. But only because I ate 1 cupcake before, and 1 cupcake after. (No judging – I NEEDED those cupcakes!)

Whew, almost done!

Stopping for a photo op – thankfully, not a major crash during this 5k, but still a little tenuous for blood sugar management. Even with the cupcakes.

Mmmmm, cake!

We won Parents of the Year this day. Cupcakes in the morning for the 5k, and birthday cake that afternoon at a friend’s 1 year old’s party. Our daughter was on a sugar high, to be sure. Check out all the kids/vultures “helping” this little guy with his smash cake. Too cute.

Don't let the Quetzocoatalus get you!

After two 5ks over the weekend, it made sense that we should spend Sunday walking even more at the Zoo, right? Penny wanted to go see the Dinosaurs. She was terrified of the animatronic creatures last time, but assured us she would be fine this time. Never trust a 2.5 year old.

Whew. I think I’ll go take a nap for the next 5 days now.

Don’t Mess with this Fairy

My husband is due home tonight after being away for 5 REALLY long days. (He went to GenCon. I couldn’t get away from work due to some big projects, and we weren’t quite sure we were ready to leave our daughter for that long with anyone else, so I took the hit for the team and stayed behind.  I am still very jealous, but happy he got to have some super fun and scope it all out to prepare us for our trip together next year – for sure, I’m going!!)

I’ve had plenty of challenges this week, and it’s times like these that make me totally respect and admire single moms and dads. Being solely responsible for a kid 24/7 is exhausting business. Add on the ups and downs of blood sugars, and it can sometimes be the perfect storm of fun-suck.
I have had a couple of crashes, and some stubborn lows the past few days – chasing around a very active 2 year old tends to mirror the effects of 90 minutes of aerobic exercise for me – but overall, I think we both came through it with flying colors. I mean, we’re both still alive, right?

And speaking of colors, we had an amazingly fun time yesterday at a friend’s birthday party – theme: Princess Dress-up. Our household isn’t really into princesses, especially not the damsel-in-distress kind, but we’re keeping an open mind, and will let our daughter find her own way in what she likes. So far, it’s been like pulling teeth whenever we *wanted* her to put on dressy outfits for pictures or for playtime, so I wasn’t sure how the party would go. After some stressful dress-picking (and her asking to put on a robot costume instead – the one she has at home of Optimus Prime) she got all dolled up and really had a fabulous time with all the other Princesses and Fairies. Here’s just a few pics that were so cute I had to share. Happy Sunday!

She won't sit still 2 seconds for me to clip her fingernails, yet she begs for a stranger to paint them?

She won’t sit still 2 seconds for me to clip her fingernails, yet she begs for a stranger to paint them?

Bad-ass Fairy with a Scimitar tattoo. Seriously, don't mess with her.

Bad-ass Fairy with a Scimitar tattoo.
Seriously, don’t mess with her.

Instead of walking the red carpet by herself in the final show, she wanted to run with the Wizard and Knight. Girl knows it's best to have a well-balanced adventuring party.

Instead of walking the red carpet by herself in the final show, she wanted to run with the Wizard and Knight. Girl knows it’s best to have a well-balanced adventuring party.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

I thought maybe if I said it 3 times, it would somehow endow me with magical exercising abilities? I feel like I talk a lot about exercise, but don’t really DO enough exercise. I need to work on that. Ironically, I will now proceed to talk about the exercise I know I have planned to do in the near future that involves very worthy causes!

  • Saturday, August 10, 2013 in Cary, NC – I’m volunteering at a charity 5k to benefit SIDS research. Check out my info/fundraising page at CJ Foundation Bella Rose Strides for Babies. OK, so technically this isn’t “exercise” since I’m not actually running in the 5k, but let me tell you, a few hours of helping people register, using brainpower, and walking around making sure things are running smoothly WILL affect my blood sugars just as if I were exercising!
  • Friday, September 13, 2013 – I WILL be participating in the Electric Run in Raleigh, NC. How cool is this….a night-time, non-timed 5k event where you can run, walk, dance, push a stroller – whatever – all while enjoying a light show with music, and the proceeds will benefit a local charity. I like the non-competitive nature of this 5k, and hope to have several friends join me in the wonderment of it! (If you’d like to join our team and hang out that night, shoot me an email to fifteenwaitfifteen at Gmail  (you know how to set up the email address) and I’ll send you the info on how to sign up and make sure you are on our team!!
  • Saturday, November 2, 2013 – Yay, the JDRF walk  is in Raleigh, and I’m heading up a team, of course! Would love to have you join my team (just click on the links in this paragraph for more info), but even if you can’t, I’m fundraising and donations are always welcome! I’m hoping by the time this walk rolls around, I’ll be in better shape from other summer events, swimming, etc. I feel sooooo out of shape right now, and the heat of summer makes me want to curl up and just melt into a puddle.

Well, that is all on the agenda for now! As a side note also related to exercise, please take a minute to go view this video by our DOC friend Scott Johnson of Scott’s Diabetes.  He made it to the semi-finals of the Insulindependence Athletic Achievement awards! Let’s help him WIN! All you have to do is view his video:

(…..and now that I’ve talked about doing exercise, I think it’s time to go ride the stationary bike for at least 30 minutes. I think I can, I think I can!)

Skipping Sunday – Learning to Hula Hoop

A quick hula hooping tutorial for today –

Penelope and I had our own hula hooping fun on Saturday at Danceformation with our friend Karen -who is also Type 1- as our instructor. As you may know, I have a hard time getting in enough exercise, but hooping is actually a really good workout I can get while still being able to talk and socialize with friends. Win win! If you live anywhere near Cary, you should join us on Saturday mornings at 9:30am!

So much fun! (and exercise, too!)

Karen showing Penny some hooping moves