Wordless Wednesday – Take THAT

Suck it, diabetes!

(I also like to make this face when my diabetes has been misbehaving. If my Dexcom goes off ONE MORE TIME in the middle of the night because of a low or high, I might just lose it. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever sleep a straight 6-8 hours ever again.)

Of Puppies and Babies

Last night as my husband and I were chatting before bed and planning out the rest of our week, somehow the topic of babies came up (maybe because we have several friends with new babies, and others are pregnant, etc), as well as the topic of our family getting another dog sometime.

It’s been a year now that Xena has been gone, but I swear sometimes I still think: “I need to make sure to let her out to go potty before we go to bed.” Often, I don’t put down the recliner foot rest without checking for her underneath. I’ll come home after being gone a while, and look for her to greet me at the door. The house just seems empty without a dog, especially since I’d had Xena with me for almost 13 years. I work from home a lot, and wish she was still here to keep me company, to go on walks, to demand that I throw toys for her. She was so full of personality and spunk – the best miniature schnauzer, best dog, best canine friend I’ve ever known and had the luck to have in my life for as long as I did.

My husband said he would be totally on board at any time if I wanted to get another dog. And every now and then, I see rescue dogs come in, or get an email about a schnauzer puppy, and I’m like, “Ooooooo, I could get this one!!!” But then, reality sets in. Work is crazy busy for me right now. I’m in the midst of revamping my entire lifestyle around food and exercise, and working towards having weight loss surgery to help me get my active life back and to help make sure I am healthy and around for many, many years to come. Type 1 diabetes is a 24/7 job in itself, and will be even more so once I have the surgery. I can’t bring a new dog into the family when I’m already being pulled a hundred different ways. It just wouldn’t be fair to the dog, or to my husband and daughter.

Then there’s also the baby thing. Despite mulling over the pros and cons on several occasions, I don’t think I’ve quite resolved in my head and heart that I’m never going to have another baby. In the back dark recesses of my mind I frequently hear, “If you lose a ton of weight within the next year or so, it may help your fertility issues as well, and you MIGHT get pregnant!!” But really, do I WANT to be pregnant or have a baby at 41, 42, 43 years old/ however long that would take??? I just don’t know. And until I know with absolute certainty that we’re never having (or adopting) another baby, I also don’t want to bring in a dog to add onto the already monumental responsibilities of our household.

So, there’s the conundrum. It’s doubtful that I’ll solve it anytime soon. But boy, will I always have some seriously wonderful memories of Xena, the Warrior Schnauzer, and she will always hold a special place in our hearts and our family.

I miss Xena so much....


Diabetes Awareness Month Photo-a-Day 27 – Fun

The eve of Thanksgiving and the crazy month of December are here, and of course, I’ve gotten WAY behind on my photo-a-day prompts for the month. I hereby declare a start-fresh-and-no-go-backsies so I can say I’m caught up. No judging. (And considering Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the end of the month is near, this might be my last post for photo-a-day.)

“Fun” embodies so many things, and it’s hard to come up with just 1 picture to show all the fun in my life. You know, when I think of fun, diabetes is probably the furthest thing from my mind.

In the spirit of the season, I’ll share something fun I put together – a collage of 3 years worth of pictures of my daughter with Santa. I have always LOVED pics with Santa (as an adult, I’ll admit to even having a couple pictures taken with him myself) and last year, my daughter thought Santa was a demon, so there was really just a lot of crying and trying to get away from him. We visited Santa like 7 or 8 times in various locations just trying to get 1 good smiling picture. (But the screaming pictures were great, too, in their own twisted way.)

In 2011, she was all smiles for Santa in that, “La, la, la, people hold me and it’s fun, look at the shiny camera” way.
In 2012, it was GET ME THE HECK OUT OF HERE!!
And this year, it’s “Hey, will you bring me a Wild Kratt’s creature power suit for Christmas?” Yep, Christmas is going to be FUN!!!

I heart Santa! Well, now I do.

Diabetes Awareness Month Photo-a-Day 9, 10, 11 – Support, Exercise, Play

Catching up on my photo-a-days before this week completely gets out of control! Work is ramping up, and there’s a “chance” of snow tomorrow. Understand: we don’t get a lot of snow around here, and if/when we do, it’s like a natural disaster that requires help from the National Guard. Schools and stores shut down, no one can drive in it, there are cars in ditches everywhere, etc. All the bread, milk, and eggs disappear from grocery store shelves if there is even the HINT from the weather-people that it might snow. (Why milk and eggs? Wouldn’t they spoil first if the power goes out? Is french toast really what you want to eat for days stuck in the house?) And if we do manage to eek out an inch or so of accumulation, all schools and events are canceled. Heck, most times they are canceled even before the supposed snow is actually seen, and then when it ends up being rain, or melting after 2 hours,  everyone is still out of work and out of school. It’s ridiculous.

OK, so I digress…..

Shoes support me, yes, it's true


The spirit of “support” for this day was probably meant to involve how families and friends support us in our management of diabetes, but since I lumped it together with exercise and play, this photo seemed more appropriate. I depend on my shoes (and the orthotic inserts within them) to give me the support I need to continue walking without TOO much pain, although sometimes it does become quite annoying.

Fabulous fall!


I always talk about how I need to exercise more. I LOVE walking and hiking, especially in the gorgeous parks and recreation areas we have around our house. (But having plantar fasciitis does make it not-so-fun at times.)  I took this picture of a path I walked along yesterday when I was shooting some family photos for my neighbor. Side note: as if it’s not enough that my feet hurt while walking, I was a complete klutz and twisted my ankle along one of the bumpier paths, so now I’m limping today. That’s NOT going to be encouraging me to exercise on a regular basis. Seems this always happens – I get an injury anytime I start a new exercise routine and have to deal with the setback/lack of motivation all over again. Grrrr.

This is how I will always remember playing in the leaves.


I live for the times I can play with my daughter. Forgetting diabetes, forgetting sore feet, forgetting work and forgetting things-to-do around the house….play time is the BEST time – I will cherish it forever, and do my best to always have time for play.

Totally Unscientific Poll – Type 1 Diabetes, Coxsackie, and HFMD

I am NOT a scientist. I hold no degrees in any sort of medical or biological field. I’m just curious about something.

Recently, some new articles have come out linking the Coxsackie B virus with causing type 1 diabetes, but in doing a quick Google search on “coxsackie type 1 diabetes,” it looks like researchers have been studying this potential linkage this for several years, only now it’s suddenly getting more attention. Hopefully because we are getting closer to a cure? I can dream, right?

When my daughter was a little over a year old, she brought the lovely Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD) home from daycare to share with us. If you read up on HFMD, you’ll notice it’s a Coxsackie A virus.

So cute and so little! This seems so long ago, not just 1.5 years.

If you look closely, you can see some of the HFMD red spots on the bottom of her foot. She got over it quicker and had much milder symptoms than I did.

Usually, only kids under 10 get HFMD, but I was one of the “lucky” adults who caught it. I had the tell-tale brief fever, then WHAM. It felt like I was hit by a semi truck of fatigue, I got some teeny red spots on my hands and feet, but the worst symptom was the gigantic blister/set of blisters that formed in my throat and made me feel like I was swallowing sharp kitchen knives for 3-4 days. It was awful. Made eating and drinking almost unbearable.

Anyway, the reason I bring that up…..I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 21. The fact that I got HFMD as an adult probably means I did NOT get it as a child and had no immunities to it. If I HAD gotten it as a child, would it have helped me combat getting type 1 when I was 21? OR, if I had gotten HFMD as a child, would it perhaps have triggered type 1 in me at *that* age instead of waiting around until I was older?

The poll below is completely voluntary and anonymous. I’m not writing a book or some grand scientific journal entry, I’m just wondering what other people may know/may have experienced anecdotally (is that  a word?) with the coxsackie viruses and type 1 diabetes. If you have time to answer the poll, or even just comment with your thoughts and insights on this blog post, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Wordy Wednesday – My Body

This week’s installment of Wordy Wednesday is brought to you in 2 parts by My Body.

1. I’m still recovering from almost a week of vacation in Florida that involved somewhere around 20+ hours worth of being in the car. Two-and-a-half year olds make car travel…interesting. On top of that, My Body really didn’t like being mushed up in a car for hours upon hours at a time….I have 3 cricks in my neck and shoulders, my upper back feels like someone has it in a vise grip, and if my feet want to just go ahead and fall off, that’s OK – because they have been hurting and aching for weeks now that I’m not taking Meloxicam for my plantar fasciitis anymore.

But one of the highlights of my trip to Florida, that made all the aches & pains worth it, was getting to hang out in real time and in real space with Christel from theperfectd and her lovely daughter and father. Read her blog post linked there – I say “ditto” to all that. She is awesome, and we would most certainly be friends if we had met up in life outside of diabetes and the DOC. And our kids were so stinking cute together, even when they both defied nap-time.

Nom nom...cookies!

Cookies BEFORE lunch?
Why, yes, I believe you should!

2. This song by Young the Giant just fits. (Amazing how you listen to songs and suddenly they have diabetes-related messages to share?) Despite My Body telling me “no” over and over again, I will never quit in this struggle against diabetes. I most certainly want more.

Stop, the train is ridin down to the station
where you lived when we were school kids
Hey, the rails are caught now
And I am falling down fools in a spiral
Round this town of steam

My Body tells me no, but I won’t quit
Cause I want more, cause I want more
My Body tells me no, but I won’t quit
Cause I want more, cause I want more

Stop the train is riding down to the station where I lived
When I was a cool kid
Hey, is it my fault that the fallen embers burn down in a spiral
Round your crown of thieves

My Body tells me no, but I won’t quit
cause I want more, cause I want more
My Body tells me no, but I won’t quit
cause I want more, cause I want more
it rides out of town

Oh, it’s my road, it’s my road, it’s my road
It’s my road, it’s my road, it’s my road

And it’s my war, It’s my war, it’s my war
His eyes are open
His eyes are open

Oh, cause I want more, I want more
Want more
His eyes are open
His eyes are open

(Hey, hey, hey)

My body tells me no but I won’t quit
Cause I want more, cause I want more
My body tells me no but I wont quit
Cause I want more cause I want more
It rides out of town

~”My Body” lyrics by Young The Giant