Friday Findings

Today is Friday.  I just found things!

Found it!

  • Was looking in all the pockets/flaps of my diabetes checker-pack, and found the $13 I had stashed in there last Friday (the 13th.) I’d forgotten all about it! The 13s are coincidental, but funny, right? I just had too much cash in my back pocket since I wasn’t carrying a purse, put it there and promptly forgot about it. FOUND MONEY!
  • Dug into the depths of my purse looking for a pen, and found my badge from the Diabetes UnConference!! I had been frantically searching for it on the last day of the conference (thanks to all you guys who looked around with me, like it was a lost contact or something) when all along it was just stuffed into my purse, hidden underneath so many things I didn’t see it. Whew! And in it were all the contact cards for people that I’d picked up, yay!
  • Also in said purse, at the very bottom, I found various room keys from the Flamingo, where were stayed for the UnConference.  Oops, they say on the back that they recycle them. Sorry, Earth! They will now become fake credit cards for my daughter to play with, so that’s like recycling, right?
  • Was out running errands, and found some stray GlucoLift tablet samples I’d picked up at the UnConference. In all my unpacking and reorganizing, they’d ended up under my car seat somehow (??) They saved the day when I started running a smidge low, and wasn’t anywhere near good food at the time.

All in all, a successful day! Now, off to find some things to cook for dinner with all our neighbors!

Fun for the day = WordCloud

It’s been showing up in my friend’s Facebook feeds all day today, so thought I would share my WordCloud here:

A little about me...

I’m really not sure where/how they are getting these words out of my Facebook feed, because I swear this is a mish-mash between my personal account, and my account as 15wait15. It also does NOT include several of my most-used words, like my daughter’s name, diabetes (hello!?!) etc. Maybe it’s only for the last few days? I dunno. Anyways, you can try out your own (if you’re on Facebook) at:

(I know, I know….I need to do a proper informative blog post soon and give another post-surgery update, but I am just too distracted with everything else right now. Lots of life going on! But good news, I’ve moved on to eating regular food now! Not without it’s challenges, but I’m surviving and doing well!)

Wordless Wednesday – Take THAT

Suck it, diabetes!

(I also like to make this face when my diabetes has been misbehaving. If my Dexcom goes off ONE MORE TIME in the middle of the night because of a low or high, I might just lose it. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever sleep a straight 6-8 hours ever again.)

Diabetes Art Day Failure (Sort Of)

I had such grandiose plans of what I was going to do for Diabetes Art Day yesterday. I love art, I love creating, and I love getting together with my group of D-girls on a regular basis to hang out, chat about our lives, discuss the latest in diabetes technology, or commiserate on whatever random topic comes up. (Like poop – for some reason, poop came up in a lot of our conversations last night?? Poop is funny! And only some of it was related to our kids. But I digress.)

It was only fitting that we should have our girl’s night on the same day as Diabetes Art Day so we could all create something together (like we did last fall.) I had all the supplies set out and ready:

Ready to create...something?

But you know what? We never got around to making anything.
We thoroughly enjoyed our meal together….a hodge podge of appetizers, snacks, and a couple of yummy desserts that everyone had a hand in bringing or baking. There was wine (of course! This is MY house we’re talking about) and general, “hey, how are things going?” talked about around the table. We laughed, we nodded in agreement, we shook our heads in disgust, we heard beepings of CGMs going off, we noted blood sugars from fingerstick meters, we pumped up the insulin to cover all the delicious carbs we were consuming, and we just had a good time.

The “gift of gab” is not a present to be taken lightly. To be able to interact and share and love and accept others regardless of different beliefs or opinions is so very worth it, especially when you all have a common bond that brought you together. For us last night, that bond is diabetes, and the amazing art of it all is our ability to fellowship with one another. Love you D-girls!!!

Love you D-girls!

Charging Diabetes by the Hour

I wish I could charge my diabetes by the hour.

I want to charge it for every single minute that it has taken me away from something – away from enjoying my free time, away from my family, away from work, you name it.

It always seems like I see this:

Blasted downward arrow :-(

at the most inopportune moments. Like when:

  • I am about to call into a conference call/meeting for work, that I need to facilitate.
  • I am about to take a shower.
  • I need to get in the car and drive somewhere.
  • I have a boatload of emails to answer.
  • My daughter says, “Let’s go outside and play!”
  • My husband says, “We need to leave in 5 minutes.”
  • I am about to do anything that requires any amount of concentration or attention.

I see that downward arrow, and can almost hear the screeching-car-wheels sound….drop everything, do not pass Go, and deal with this NOW. Time drain in action. And let’s not even go into how much time it takes away for pump site changes, blood sugar checks, CGM changes, doctor and endocrinologist visits, lab work, blood sugar logs, food journals, guesstimating your carb counts, planning your day around eating and exercising, etc.

If I could charge diabetes by the hour…I wonder how much money I would have?
I am terrible at math, but let’s say I charge diabetes a mere $30 per hour for the undivided attention I have to give it. And for all the “stuff” that goes with having diabetes – doctor/medical visits, the finger sticks for blood sugar checks, the changing outs of various devices, the dealing with a low or feeling wiped out because of nagging highs – we’ll say my diabetes, on average, takes up 4 hours of my time each week (I feel this is a highly conservative estimate, but I have to start somewhere – as we know, diabetes is really a 24×7 job!)

4 hours x 52 weeks x 20 years = 4,160 hours of my life since I have had diabetes. At $30 per hour, that is $124,800!!

Oh, if I only could have that money to put into my retirement account, or pay off our home mortgage, or do something crazy fun with!! Diabetes….someday, I will find a way for you to pay up, if only by helping eradicate you from taking so much precious time away from me and from the rest of the D-world.

And to All, a Good Night

I’ve been sick with the plague of a sinus infection and hacking cough for the past week, so suffice it to say, I’ve not had much time or energy to do, well, anything. After going to the doctor last Monday, only to have her say, “This is your body doing what it’s supposed to be doing, just treat/deal with the symptoms,” I returned back on Friday, having not slept for the past 4 nights due to the never-ending cough and head pressure and congestion. She finally gave me an Rx for an antibiotic then, and now after 3 days on it, I’m starting to feel human again. We’ll not even talk about the roller coaster blood sugar graphs my Dexcom has been showing me. I’m finally feeling better, but I’m beat. Exhausted. And now comes the whirlwind tour of visiting relatives and friends on Christmas Eve, then heading back home to get ready for Santa to come visit. What do I want Santa to bring to me? A good night’s sleep – really, that would be great.

True to nature, I plan to suck it up, get back up on the happy holidays horse, and ride the wave of fun about to come. It’s all I can do, and I refuse to let sickness make me miss one minute of the joy on my daughter’s face when she sees that Santa DID bring her a Wild Kratt’s Creature Power Suit shirt. I can’t wait to see which creature power she wants to pretend to have first.

For me personally, the New Year looks to bring about something dramatic. 2014, I dub thee “Year of Commitment to Change.” More on that topic after the holidays die down and I’ve recovered as much as possible from the cheerful chaos. For now, I’m signing off of blogging for a bit, and wishing you all a safe, happy, and joyous holiday season, in whatever way you choose to celebrate it (or not.) Click the picture below to see the larger version of our family card 🙂

She LOVES jumping. All the time, anywhere.

Poop, pee, rinse, repeat

Thanks, Ninjabetic!
On top of a 40+ hour per week job, some philanthropic pursuits, plus some measure of family time and a social life, I took on another job this past summer – potty training our 2 year old. Now, my husband has stepped up for his share of duty (doo-dy) as well, so thank goodness I’m not alone in this, but sheesh, it’s been intensive. And now I’m pooped. (Beware: potty references and more puns may be forthcoming.)

Our daycare had sent home info about potty training in 3 days – the method was suggested, so that is what we did. My husband and I read the booklet two or three times each in preparation for the planned potty-training-bootcamp-weekend, and each time we were like, “Really? This is supposed to work?”

Now, for some background….a couple of weeks before we broached potty training, our little Penny girl was VERY interested in going to the potty, would follow us into the bathroom, tell us each step as we should perform it (like WE were circus monkeys for her – “Pee….wipe….flush…wash hands,”) she asked to go potty by herself several times over the course of a couple of weeks (and we would take her and wrangle her out of the diaper, etc), and daycare started implementing some potty-time as well.  We knew she was ready, but we had travel plans every weekend, and couldn’t take the time out to do the 3 day potty training method as they suggested. Because (the booklet says), if you want to be successful, you almost have to quarantine yourself at home, with no excursions, no friends over, no distractions, no nothing. It was brutal. Especially for the social and on-the-go family like us.

The summary of this method: Go cold turkey from diapers. Get rid of them, let the kid see you throw them away, and talk about how from now on, he/she is a big boy/girl and will wear big boy/girl underpants. Let’s keep them clean and dry. Say, “be sure to tell us if you need to go pee or poop in the potty” to give them a sense of control (instead of asking a thousand times if they need to go potty.) Praise and give a reward (M&Ms, stickers, etc) when they successfully use the potty. Tell them over and over how proud you are of them. Praise praise praise when they do well, do not scold or punish if they make a mistake, just go on and say how they can try to do better next time.

The 1st day, we had a success rate of 4 out of 7 times making it successfully to the potty. The 2nd day, it was a whopping 13 out of 16 (we had to encourage her to drink more liquids by offering up juice, just so we could have more “learning opportunities.”) A few times on the second day, she actually told us she needed to go and led us to the potty on her own. By the 3rd day, we all had cabin fever, we’d done 8,000 loads of laundry, and we were all sick of hearing, “if you need to go pee or poop, let mommy or daddy know, ok?” The last day she was 6 for 7, with her only “mistake” being that she pooped in her pants. Yeah, gross. We are also not counting that she peed a little while napping. I’m not faulting her for that one.

Throw your hands in the air, like you just don't care!

Victory! (sort of)

Fast forward 3 months to the present. Our girl has always some some pooping issues (lots of constipation, withholding, etc) but we have come to manage it well with probiotics, diet, and Miralax (per pediatrician’s advice.) Once the initial potty training period was well underway, we would go several days without any sort of accidents, and those days started stretching into weeks. The thing that didn’t really sink in (to the toilet) for me when we first started this exercise in parental patience was that while it was a 3-day potty training method, it really isn’t over in 3 days. Or 3 weeks. Or 3 months. I think it lasts forever. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but really it IS an ongoing training exercise…don’t let any “3 day” method or whatever fool you. No one, not even your Mensa kid,  will be *completely* potty trained in 3 days.

This past weekend was the 1st time we let her go all night in her big girl underwear and NOT in a diaper or training pants overnight. Yeah, the training method frowns on letting them wear anything except underwear – even at night – but honestly, we didn’t want to be changing bed sheets and clothes every single night, and she wasn’t ready for it until now. She went 3 nights dry, and just had her 1st overnight accident this morning. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can head this off at the pass, and convince her she is able to go potty in the bathroom on her own in the middle of the night if she feels the need.

I’ll go out on a limb to say potty training has been “successful” for what it is – an ongoing exercise of poop, pee, rinse, repeat, combined with lots and lots of patience. Daycare has been very supportive, and except for some explosive pooping accidents there and at home, and the occasional peeing accident because she got too busy playing and forgot to go potty, MOST of the time, I would say she is potty trained. Or should be, by the time she’s 18 for sure.