Peeps Musings

Oh, Dark Chocolate Covered Peeps……why are you on sale for 50% off, and why do you have to have 21g of carbs each? You are so tiny inside your wrapper.  I could eat ALL OF YOU!!!  But instead, I opt for just one tiny bite, and you still jack up my blood sugar 15+ points, almost immediately.

So. Delicious.(Not-so-secret thought….I wish these were more transportable. Then I would use them to treat every single low blood sugar!!)

6 thoughts on “Peeps Musings

  1. I have never tasted one of these and was never much of a fan of regular Peeps. Dark Chocolate Covered Peeps will go into the category of Nutella: something that is loved by many in the DOC and that I would probably love if I tried them and that I might as well resist because I already have a long list of carb-laden addictive treats.

    So much fun to see you blogging a bit more these days. I get a big grin every time I think of meeting you in person.

  2. There are sugar free versions of Peeps available, which, according to friends & family, don’t taste any different. But… why go there? I’m not a marshmallow fan, so I am not tempted. Good thing for you these only come out once or twice per year.

  3. I didn’t come across these in my travels. I don’t even like Peeps and I want them.

  4. I feel as a responsible American I should buy any holiday candy on clearance. It’s my patriotic duty, and I wish my glucose monitor would understand that.

    The monitor is fascist.

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