Ninja Insulin #dblogcheck

You would think after close to 15 years on the pump I would know all the tricks of the trade, all the quirks of the pump, all of the sneakiness of insulin absorption…..but, nope.

I’ve come up with some blood sugar savers that really do work for me, though….like, when I change out an infusion set site, I used to ALWAYS have high blood sugars for hours afterwards. Thanks to a comment by Katy, I was encouraged to “ka-chunk” in a new site without removing the old one for a few hours, let it settle in & calm down, and then connect up the pump to the new site. Bells ringing, fireworks going off, and a ticker-tape parade later, I rarely have any post-site-change highs anymore, and when I do, they are due to other variables of life.

Sneaky, sneaky....

But lately, I’ve discovered a new brand of insulin….the Ninja Insulin. I swear, I take a bolus for a meal or correction, and go about my business, but my blood sugar remains slightly high. Then, I drink some water, or sometimes, even eat a couple grams of a carb, and whoa! Here comes that insulin out of nowhere, and suddenly I’m on a downward trend of blood sugar. It’s really weird. It’s like it’s been hanging out in the shadows of my bloodstream, just waiting for the right time to take effect. It’s a most puissant ninja.

Don’t forget to #dblogcheck today!!!!

17 thoughts on “Ninja Insulin #dblogcheck

  1. #dblogcheck I know what you mean about sneaky insulin..mine usually kicks
    in when eating is after brushing my teeth. So weird.

    • Yes! I meant to mention that one, too! I cruise along for hours after dinner at a comfy 110 or so, then right before bed, right after brushing teeth, double arrows down on the Dexcom. WTF??!

  2. I will admit that I had to look up what “puissant” meant. 🙂

  3. Oh yes, I have occasional run-ins with Ninja Insulin too. Grrrrr


  4. I often struggle with infusion set changes. I’ve tried your trick and think it does help. My problem is that the old site is often red/itchy and I can’t wait to pull it out. But I’ll try your hint again later today.

    Nice to see you writing George. Check!

    • I know I am LUCKY (knock on copious amounts of wood) that despite all my nature-allergies, I don’t have skin allergy issues except for a mild allergy to latex. I can wear a site (pump or CGM) for waaaaay long before I have any issues. (Please don’t let me have just jinxed myself!)

  5. It’s also been suggested to me to leave the old site in for an hour or two to prevent insulin leakage out of that site. Especially if you just delivered a bolus. #dblogcheck

  6. I never really thought about set changes and insulin absorption differences, now you have me curious. So many little things to look out for!

  7. Thanks for linking to #dblogcheck. I really wasn’t sure what that was all about and not sure who to ask. As for site change highs we tend to have the opposite problem. Old site slowly stops working and so I get aggressive with insulin doses then we put a new site in and I forget to be gentle and BAM! Lows!

  8. Lol – I used to call my site inserter a “ka-chunk” machine! And I use the same technique to avoid post site change highs. But the ninja insulin is a new concept for me. If I have a stubborn high, the correction usually (finally) kicks in minutes after I give a second correction. oops.

  9. That picture is fantastic. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Loving your ninja insulin! You need it against stealth bomber diabetes!

  11. Sorry for not being able to get to this until today… but this is great! And I totally do the same thing when doing a site change, after reading the same post from Katy. Sometimes I even anticipate a change coming up and start a new site early, so I’ll be ready to change at the moment when I might have done the original change before. If that makes any sense at all. Thanks for all of the great messages you share!

  12. Haha! Great post. I’d never thought to leave the old site connected- may have to try that. 🙂

  13. Thanks for this suggestion, first time I’ve heard of it. I’ll give it a shot (pun intended) on my next set change.

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