The Cost of Good Health

I am thankful every-single-day that I have good insurance (through my husband’s work.) But it still makes my jaw drop when I see the breakdown of what just 3 months worth of test strips, lancets, and insulin pump supplies cost:


That does not include insulin itself, or my CGM sensors, which I’m sure would add on more crazy $$. Suffice it to say, I feel confident that without insurance, I would be paying around $1,000- $2,000 per month for all of the prescriptions and supplies I need just to stay alive. Now, could I stay alive using only insulin and syringes, and not using all the fancy technology? Sure. But you’d better believe my *quality* of life would not be the same. Having my insulin pump and CGM have helped me really rein in my blood sugars, which we all know helps keep our bodies from getting worn out so soon from so many highs and lows all over the place. Am I perfect in my blood sugar management? Heck no. But with these tools, I’ve come a long way from when I was on Regular and NPH injections when I was first diagnosed in 1994. My A1Cs were never below 9 until I went on the insulin pump. Ever since, they have been 7 or below, and for several years now, hovering under 6.5. I’d like to keep it that way for as long as possible, and hope and pray I have good insurance and can afford all of my diabetes prescriptions and supplies for the rest of my life (or until they find a cure, right??)

7 thoughts on “The Cost of Good Health

  1. Too much money, for sure. Last year I added up all the costs (before insurance) of my daughter’s diabetes supplies, medications, and her hospital stay and the total was more than my husband’s annual salary. And since I don’t work… well, you can do the math of where we would be without insurance.

  2. Wow .. it’s amazing when you total it all up … You are very lucky because our insurance in Australia does not cover test strips, insulin, scripts, cgm or any of the things it really should … in the last tax year I was over $15,000.00 out of pocket (I did have surgery) for my medical expenses .. and I also pay a fortune for health insurance !!

  3. The cost is absolutely crazy! My out of pocket, with insurance, last year was over $3,000. I think if we could force the drug makers to produce generic insulin, that alone could really drop the cost to patients. Great post!

  4. Whoa! $1,151 for 50 test strips?! 😥
    Its so ridiculous that the cost for something so basic (not to mention absolutely vital) is so insanely high…

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