Don’t Jinx It #dblogcheck

NEVER say, “lows have not been an issue,” or by gosh you will immediately have them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I’ve been fighting late day-into-the-night crashes every day since Saturday. I know exactly why – ye olde monthly female visitor has whacked out my hormones, and gone overboard with reducing my insulin resistance. Yay, for reducing insulin resistance! Boo, for causing me to have to drink milk and juice boxes at the most inopportune of times. The female reproductive system just adds even more of a juggling act into the work I’m already doing to manage blood sugars and food intake with this new stomach of mine.

Last week, I was just swimming along, started into being able to eat a “soft, mechanically altered” diet (yum!!), and have been so happy to get to eat the most extensive variety of foods that I’ve had in the past 5+ weeks since before prepping for sleeve surgery. (It’s still not a full regular diet, but I’m getting there!) However, the added tastes and nutrition have not come without their challenges.

Last night's dinner

Last night’s dinner – a couple tablespoons of hummus, and some Trader Joe’s Wine Country Chicken Salad with Cranberries and Pecans. (I tried to avoid the pecans, since technically, they are not “soft food.”) DELICIOUS! And I still didn’t finish all of this…..

Because I’m not relying as heavily on protein shakes and mixes in order to get in protein now, I have to work REALLY hard to make sure each meal has a high % of lean protein as my primary source of nutrition. Then, I also need to add in some soft vegetables, and a teensy-weensy bit of fruit here and there.  I track everything in MyFitnessPal, so I can see how many grams of protein I get in a day (needs to be between 60-120g), how many carbs, calories, etc. I also look at vitamins and minerals, and 2 places where I continue to struggle to get in enough is Iron and Vitamin C. With the Iron, I’m sure it’s because I’m still not consuming as much pure meat as I used to. And with the Vitamin C, I limit my fruits SO much because of the sugar spikes I will inevitably get, so I know I’m lacking there. I have been drinking a lot of Vitamin Water Zeros to try to add in more Vitamin C, AND it helps keep me hydrated as well because I’m supposed to be drinking 64 ounces+ of fluids everyday. It’s a LOT to juggle, just making sure I’m getting nutrition, fluids, taking all my vitamins and supplements each day, keeping my blood sugars in check, and oh yeah – shouldn’t I be exercising?

Argh. My energy level is still so low, but in my follow-up visit with my surgeon last week, he said it was necessary for me to start doing some strength training now, so I don’t waste muscle instead of burning fat. And more muscle will help me burn more fat. I want that, for sure! Went last night with a friend, and signed up for a local “anytime” gym, so that I can find the best time of day to go that works for me. Probably mornings, if I can drag myself out of bed. More on the exercise topic (and challenges) in a later post.

So far, I’ve lost a little over 25 pounds since starting the liquid diet before surgery. I don’t want to jinx it! Every day, I see the scale move just a little more, and it is very motivating. But in order to keep up the momentum, I HAVE to exercise, whether I have the energy or not. Most days, I’m only getting in 600-700 calories, but I will need to up that when I exercise, I’m sure.

I will carry juice boxes everywhere.

(Today is #dblogcheck day!



19 thoughts on “Don’t Jinx It #dblogcheck

  1. So proud of you! Have you thought about vitamins to get some of the extra stuff you need? You probably have, but I thought I would mention it.

    • Stephen – I was taking vitamins even before surgery, but now after, am *required* to take a LOT more things….I’m on chewable everything: a medical-grade multivitamin 2 times per day, 500g of Calcium 3 times per day, an 30mg of Iron per day, plus a B12, plus probiotic, vitamin D, and Biotin. Thing is, even taking all that, there is no guarantees that ALL of it is getting absorbed through my new digestive system 🙂

  2. Lately, I’ve been playing with raising my CGM “low” threshold (or lengthening the Predictive Alert timeframe) in the hopes that I can proactively stave off lows by temporarily suspending my basal before they hit me. I haven’t had much success, but I’m trying! (How’s that for a non-motivational suggestion?). But congrats on the weight-loss so far!

    • I have changed my CGM low threshold in the past, but then I have to choose to do it on a week that my Dex readings aren’t knowingly going wonky. Like, I know it is a little “off” right now because I’m stretching out the last few days of this sensor. I have had some measure of success in setting a temp basal (lower) over night on the nights I feel I MIGHT go low, and that works sometimes, and doesn’t work sometimes. As my endo and I always say – no matter how down pat you think you’ve got it, in the end, you’ll be doing a lot of “winging it.” I could FLY as much as I “wing it.” 🙂

  3. Sounds like you are doing great!

  4. A dear friend of mine had the same surgery about the same time as you. It’s been interesting watching the journey of 2 people, 1 in person and 1 virtually. Good luck with adding the exercise in!

  5. Sounds like you are making good progress and I hope going to the gym helps you gain back some of your energy. Won’t be long before you’ll be roller-skating with your daughter (loved that photo on FB!). Check!

  6. Sounds like quite the adventure, but it also sounds like you’re doing great!

  7. You are on quite the journey. Wishing you luck and sending hugs.

  8. You are navigating a lot of variables very well. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress ❤ hugs!

  9. Hoping things continue to go smoothly on your recovery journey. (It somewhat boggles my mind,how much juggling of various dietary needs must go on.) Best wishes to you.

  10. You go gurl & check!!!

  11. Wow, I admire all you are doing and I thank you for sharing your journey with us. ❤


  12. Check!
    Good luck, have fun, and let us know what you end up doing with basals and food to accommodate the addition of exercise!

  13. I’m so glad you are sharing your journey with us! I’m sorry for the lows you have been having recently! Hopefully things even out once your visitor leaves…and congrats on the weight loss so far!

  14. I swear every time we speak of something not happening in our diabetes worlds, they happen! Maybe we should always speak of not having good BG! 😉 #dblogcheck

  15. Hope all goes well for you! Looks like only a hair over a week before being able to transition to a normal diet! You can do it!

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