Medical History? Say What?

I’ve gotten pretty lax over the years at asking my various doctors about seeing my records. Not just for lab work, but with their notes, commentary, etc from various visits. After my follow-up visit with my bariatric surgeon, I think I need to start checking up on them again….

The surgeon’s office just implemented some nifty electronic patient records system called “Epic,” so now I get these pretty detailed print outs at the end of each visit. Here’s an excerpt from the one I got from yesterday:

Say what?


Line by line, I have my own commentary for this list of my supposed “Current Health Issues”:

  • Unknown cause of morbidity or mortality = whose morbidity or mortality? Wait, are they saying I’m a mortal, and they don’t know what caused that? Say what?
  • Family history of breast cancer = true.
  • Type 2 diabetes = really? You put this BEFORE my Type 1 diabetes?
  • Female infertility = oh, so true 😦
  • High Blood Pressure = absolutely FALSE. I distinctly remember telling them that the only time I EVER had high blood pressure was when I was pregnant, and only in the last 3 weeks before I had my daughter. That is not “current” by a stretch.
  • Low back pain = true.
  • Generalized muscle weakness = um, sure, I guess? I said I was exhausted and tired all the time right now (mayhap because I’m not able to consume more than 600-700 calories per day and I’m not getting quite enough nutrients yet??)
  • Polycystic ovaries = true.
  • Blood clot in leg = FALSE. I have no clue where this came from. I have never had any blood clots, but perhaps this partially explains why they gave me 2 doses of Lovenox after my surgery?
  • Severe obesity = painfully true, hence, the sleeve surgery.
  • Family history of prostate cancer = FALSE. I told them my birthfather had some sort of testicular cancer at one point, so I’m not sure how that translates to prostate cancer.
  • Type 1 diabetes = true, ding ding ding, you’re a winner and got this one right!

Getting 7-8 out of 12 right isn’t bad….???? They at least have about a 60% chance of treating me properly, right?



7 thoughts on “Medical History? Say What?

  1. This is scary. Not that some computer-operator went click-crazy with the mouse, but that you were (possibly) medicated once based on this info!

    I once saw a dentist who had me fill this type of stuff out myself on her touch-screen device myself. These days, I think patients are more than capable of doing that, thus making the process more efficient AND ensuring it gets done right!

    • To their credit, maybe the whole lovenox thing was just to help prevent blood clots post-surgery as a precaution regardless, but yes – I just found it so odd that so many things were blatantly *wrong* with my medical history/current issues with them. And they seem like a very well-organized, put-together office. Moral of the story? Check. Your. Records.

  2. Wow. That freaks me out.

  3. You actually CAN have T1 and T2 at the same time. Obviously not your point, but still…

    Electronic records are awesome if they’re right!

    • Yeah, my main beef was really that Type 2 was front and center, and Type 1 was way at the bottom…shouldn’t Type 1 take a little more medical precedence than that? 🙂

      • My guess is it’s like tags on a blog, or hashtags in general (neither of which I really understand). The more they occur, the more “important” they apparently are, and they bubble up to the top of the list.

        I feel bad for the person who has a rare form of…well, anything… whose doctor uses this software tool.

  4. Yikes. This concerns me. Good thing you now have the chance to right the wrongs. And that you at least know what the wrongs are.

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