You Know Who You Are #DBlogWeek

Rounding out the prompts from #dblogweek last week – no week focusing on blogging about diabetes would be complete without sharing links to other blogs and their respective D-people of note. There are SO MANY wonderful diabetes advocates and bloggers out there that I could never name them all here, but I’ll make a valiant effort at noting a small collection of favorites.

So many circles of diabetes, friends, love

You know who you are….

  • The sassily perfect chick with the spunky kid so close in age to my own…. I read your blog, then met you, and immediately knew we would be friends.
  • The guy up in Minnesota who shares my love (although, mine is now nostalgic) for the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump. (And is part of the Diabetes Hope Conference TODAY!)
  • The first diabetes advocate/blogger I ever started reading who I finally got to meet, and drink copious amounts of wine with, in person in 2013.
  • The diabetic mommy who is on her way to becoming a mommy for the second time, and blogging all along the way.
  • The man who finds such wonderful happy mediums, and spends time to comment and provide valuable insights to others on a regular basis.
  • The knitter of yarn, and metaphorical knitter of people, whose Diabetes Blog Week helped me get started on this blog in the first place!
  • The girl with the portable pancreas who has been so supportive from afar, but I was thankfully able to hug her in person last year, and hope to do so again in the near future.
  • The continental traveler who is now sharing the consequences of hypoglycemia from across the continent.
  • The kindred spirit I’ve come to know through her blog, always striving for an A1C of below seven.
  • The local friend found through support groups and blogging, who keeps it real, one unit at a time.
  • The trio of amazing women who are involved and advocating on an almost daily basis to make life better for all of us with diabetes. Their support of all is inspiring, amazing, awesome.
  • The sweet girl (whose blog name reminds me of something my Mamaw would say) who is constantly exploring new tech and tools for her diabetes management, and makes sure we know about them, too.
  • The man with a family, a job – and oh yeah, Type 1 diabetes –  who has a penchant for making me start singing the song that inspired the name of his blog.
  • The girl-and-her-hubby (who are awesome at playing Euro-games) who are embarking on a similar journey as many of us – starting their married life journey, and hoping to conceive a family together.
  • The tongue in cheek mom of a T1 kid, who is staring down the barrel of T1 herself. (Hairy hugs to you, Bigfoot.)
  • The recently married and moved and involved-in-life-chaos-but-always-strong-and-helpful diabetic advocate – she’s flown through tons of stressers this year with flying colors.
  • The dancing girl with so much inner and outer beauty it makes me desperately wish I didn’t have two left feet.

You all should know who you are, because you are all part of the wonderful, mysterious, information-filled, knowledge-encouraging, thought-provoking world that is the Diabetes Online Community.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of my life!


11 thoughts on “You Know Who You Are #DBlogWeek

  1. Sending you virtual hugs! 🙂 I loved reading your #dblogweek posts (well, truth be told, there aren’t’ any posts by you that I don’t like…)

    • And I hope you and I get to hug again in person sometime soon! Anytime you are going to be up here near Raleigh, please let me know! (but trust me, I know how rare traveling for fun with young kids happens, I’m right there with you!)

  2. You’re the sweetest! Love reading your posts. Thank you.

    • I’m hoping having baby #2 won’t slow you down too much in blogging, but I can imagine life is going to be much different soon enough! Always wishing you an easy pregnancy and a perfect baby at the end!

  3. You are very, very kind. Know that I’m rooting you on and looking forward to reading lots more here in the future!

  4. Right back at you. 🙂

  5. Thanks, Rhonda from the girls at Test Guess and Go:-)

  6. Me too what Christel said.

  7. Wow, reading the way you put this list together made me realize how much we really know about each other. More than just bylines on an article, I’ve gotten to know the individual character of each person on this list. Yourself included… even though you may have felt it a bit pretentious to include yourself in there, you deserve to be! I’m humbled to find myself there as well. Thank you.

  8. COZMO-4-LIFE (or until it stops working)!!!!! Yo! 🙂

    And thanks so much for the #dHopeConf shoutout, I really appreciate it!

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