My Neverending Story #DBlogWeek

It was dark. In the beginning, it’s always dark.
The times in between are huge Nothings. I am bored…..

Then suddenly, I heard an opening, a crinkle, a rip, a zip, and then the light – oh, the beautiful, glorious light! I was blinded for a moment, and as my world came into focus, I saw her….an eyebrow raised, a curious look on her face, her eyes squinting and bleary. What time was it? Oh, late.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, scrrrip! of my bodily pockets….I was laid open and exposed like a Tauntaun being used for warmth on Hoth. (That girl and her sci-fi references, geesh. I’ve picked up on more of them than I realized.)
She usually only removes a couple of my prized possessions at a time….a bottle of clear liquid with an orange cap, and the blue and white monster-jabber that doesn’t work anymore, but holds the clear snake in place while she is doing whatever-it-is-that-she-does. But tonight, she took out one of the copper and black cylinders of energy. Ohhhh, one of THOSE nights. She mutters something about, “changing every freaking thing at the same time,” under her breath. Bzzzzt bzzzt bzzzt sounds echo through the room.

She moves away from me, and I hear more rustling and activity. I see a flash of a purple something in her hand, and I hear a metallic whirring and screeching sound.  Papers and plastic crinkle, a couple of hissing sounds of…something opening, maybe? I don’t have a good angle to see what she is doing, but then she took the bottle of liquid, and has some sort of metal-jabber-tube attached to it now. A spray of band-aid smelling liquid comes my way, and soaks into my fabric. Eh, no worries. It was kind of a nice sprinkle. She turns away, and finishes connecting all the things she was connecting, and deftly hides the purple device somewhere on her person. Wow, that just magically disappeared under her clothes…where did it go? Wait – I see a dim light coming from her chest area. Ah, got it.

Back to me now, she returns the blue and white monster-jabber, and the now 1/3 empty bottle of liquid. She holds me in place as she works my one metal finger around the outside teeth of the world I encompass….zerrrrpppp….. and then abruptly, all is dark again. I hope she gets some rest tonight. I’ve got maybe 3 days before I see her again…does she sleep that entire time, as I do? I’ve lost count of the number of times we have spent together like this. It’s always the same, but sometimes different. She is my world, and I am hers, neverending.

Good idea! No, it's a GREAT idea.

Although I’ve had a Minimed pump for several years now, I still pay homage to my original pump, the glorious and end-of-lifed Deltec Cozmo, by continuing to use it’s diabetes-supplies-case.

(Took advantage of the wildcard option of Tell Me a Story for #dblogweek today.)

4 thoughts on “My Neverending Story #DBlogWeek

  1. I love hearing life from the eyes of a diabetes case. And I wish I COULD sleep for three days sometimes!

  2. The Deltec Cozmo! That was my first pump as well. I miss that little bugger…

  3. the logo makes it look like Cozmo was a show on Nickelodeon in the early 90’s! It’s so cool that you still have (and use!) that case.

  4. I still have that same Cozmo case myself, more than 5 years after I had and got rid of my Deltec pump! Actually don’t use it anymore, but do have it on hand in case a new one’s needed! Love this story.

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