Over and Over – Poetry Tuesday #DBlogWeek

Over and over and over and over

Wake up to beeping, toss away sleeping
over and over.
Poke sore fingers, high sugar lingers
over and over.
Bolus in a rage, fight through the haze
over and over.
Sit down to eat, just want to weep
over and over.
Crash in my head, don’t know what I said
over and over.
Hope for a cure, commit to endure
over and over.
Find another way, live through the day
over and over.




9 thoughts on “Over and Over – Poetry Tuesday #DBlogWeek

  1. Very well said, I share your sentiments. Beautiful poem.

  2. Thanks for this, Rhonda. Over and over and over and over… never-ending cycle, it seems. Like the first line, but have to laugh about how I read that — “toss away sleeping”… that’s funny to me because that’s what I do with my Dex quite a bit, toss it under a pillow and go on sleeping! 🙂 But I know that’s not what you meant… sorry to derail. Great poem.

  3. I guess if we sum up D, whatever the type, it will have to be “over and over”. I like your poem a lot. And I am so enamored of the photo (it’s brilliant).

    • The repetition is the one true constant, isn’t it? Thanks so much for the comment and compliment! Sometimes nature (or pictures of it) is the only thing that snaps me out of a diabetes funk. Or inspires me to move on and think of other things. We all find what works for us!

  4. So true..it feels like a never ending story,IMO! Good poem!

  5. I love how you captured the relentlessness. Nice job.

  6. Wow. This one really speaks to me. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I don’t know how I missed this yesterday. I loved it though. Really powerful wording.

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