Change the World…because We Are the World (of diabetes) #DBlogWeek

I’m keeping today’s first Diabetes Blog Week post pretty short and sweet, since I recently posted about CGM coverage for Medicare patients (or rather, the lack thereof) and that is one big top-of-mind issue that gets me riled up, and makes me spin on my head when people don’t understand how life-changing and life-saving a CGM can be for a person.

The second thing that I continue to feel is really important in diabetes circles is *talking about it.* Talking about what works for us in diabetes care/management. Talking about what doesn’t work. Giving tips, tricks, suggestions.

Sure….the majority of us are NOT medical professionals, but we have become professionals at staying alive with this crazy disease. It’s so nice to talk to others about it, commiserate, get that feeling of camaraderie from one another. (Which is why I signed up lickety-split for the Diabetes UnConference in Vegas for March 12-15 next year! I. Can’t. Wait!!!)

One thing that gets to me, and tends to make me shy away for a bit from the DOC as a whole is when a rift happens, and  people get defensive or hurt or offended at our multitude of differing opinions on various things – like posting their A1c numbers or BG goals, using a pump/not using a pump, using a CGM/not using a CGM, or using whichever pump or CGM, or whatever-in-the-world-it-is-that-is-different with regards to our personal diabetes management strategies. I think we in the DOC are, as a general rule, a “helpful” lot of people. We can all have dramatically different opinions about the same things that affect us all because of that multitude of common, yet variable, experiences. At the end of the day, we all are individuals trying to save ourselves or our loved ones, and if we’ve learned nothing from diabetes, the one thing we HAVE learned is Your Diabetes May Vary. Let’s all continue to support each other, and lay off on the attacks. We ARE the world we know in the Diabetes Online Community….we are the ones to make a brighter day, so let’s keep advocating, together 🙂

(gosh, that song always makes me want to stand up and sing at the top of my lungs – so much awesome!)



11 thoughts on “Change the World…because We Are the World (of diabetes) #DBlogWeek

  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my post! I have this love/hate relationship with the DOC. People talking about what works for them has led me to work with my doctor to improve my treatment. If it weren’t for the DOC, I wouldn’t even know what a CGM is.

    But then I often feel left out due to being diagnosed type 1 as an adult, followed by being scolded for saying that my mother is not a D-mom by two people dx’d as kids.

    • Me, too! I felt left out for MANY years, because *I* was the only person I knew that had been diagnosed with Type 1 as an adult myself! (age 21, no warning, no family history, yadda yadda.) Argh, scolding = not cool. We all came to diabetes in so many different ways….I can’t imagine why people would think that we would apply labels/thoughts/opinions in all the same ways?? (I have similar moments of frustration when someone who was NOT adopted tries to tell me how I should feel about being adopted, or about adoption in general. IT’S NOT THEIR PLACE because they didn’t come from it. I wish people would keep their Judgey-McJudgstering to themselves!)

  2. Well said! I personally LOVE hearing about how others manage their diabetes: their A1Cs, their high/low cgm alerts, etc. I have found it to be very valuable information but definitely YOUR DIABETES MAY VARY. I’ve mainly been reading blogs and Twitter and never really experienced too many people getting upset about “diabetes stuff” but then I found a few Facebook posts/groups and people are much more divisive there! I come to the DOC for support and to learn from others so I wish people didn’t get so defensive all the time. At the same time, if I am going through diabetes burnout or something, it’s hard to hear about how well others are doing when I am struggling so much…not sure what I’m trying to say in my comment other than I liked your post, haha 🙂

    • Oh yes, the burnout can make me super crabby, and definitely makes it hard to hear (and appreciate) the success stories of others. While A1C may not be my cross to bear in that regard, having children is. It was extremely difficult for me to get pregnant and have my one and only daughter. I had always hoped and dreamed of having 2 children. I can’t seem to have another, and my age clock is ticking. Then of course, I read stories (and have friends) who never once had a thought or care or struggle with getting pregnant, and snap! here’s another one who is pregnant or having their 3rd child or whatever. Don’t get me wrong – I’m extremely happy and supportive of them all! But does it make my heart break a little and tears well up when they are not around? Of course it does. The key is: I realize these are MY issues, not theirs – and I would never want to dampen their experiences with any “woe is me” attitudes. So, I just strive to support – just like I want to support all my peeps in the DOC!

  3. I do the same thing when I hear that song 😉

  4. Amen, sister! (Am I allowed to say that??). Sometimes we need to remember that we all come from different walks of life, different upbringings, different parts of the world, and have learned different ways of dealing with adversity. Through the eyes of the computer screen, we sometimes don’t recognize just how different each of us are.

    But you’re right, and the hostility needs to stop.

    • Of course you’re allowed to say that! Thanks 🙂 Please tell me you’re going to the Diabetes UnConference next year? I am hoping hoping hoping to finally meet you and many others of the DOC in person there!!

      • We’ll see for sure as the time gets closer. I’d love to say I am going, but any such trips are tough to balance with time off of work, expenses, and child-care; so I doubt it. Sorry 😦

  5. I always love a good 80s flashback. 😉 And I also love hearing what works for others, even if it doesn’t work for me.

    AND I just registered for the UnConferance last night. Yay!!

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