Charging Diabetes by the Hour

I wish I could charge my diabetes by the hour.

I want to charge it for every single minute that it has taken me away from something – away from enjoying my free time, away from my family, away from work, you name it.

It always seems like I see this:

Blasted downward arrow :-(

at the most inopportune moments. Like when:

  • I am about to call into a conference call/meeting for work, that I need to facilitate.
  • I am about to take a shower.
  • I need to get in the car and drive somewhere.
  • I have a boatload of emails to answer.
  • My daughter says, “Let’s go outside and play!”
  • My husband says, “We need to leave in 5 minutes.”
  • I am about to do anything that requires any amount of concentration or attention.

I see that downward arrow, and can almost hear the screeching-car-wheels sound….drop everything, do not pass Go, and deal with this NOW. Time drain in action. And let’s not even go into how much time it takes away for pump site changes, blood sugar checks, CGM changes, doctor and endocrinologist visits, lab work, blood sugar logs, food journals, guesstimating your carb counts, planning your day around eating and exercising, etc.

If I could charge diabetes by the hour…I wonder how much money I would have?
I am terrible at math, but let’s say I charge diabetes a mere $30 per hour for the undivided attention I have to give it. And for all the “stuff” that goes with having diabetes – doctor/medical visits, the finger sticks for blood sugar checks, the changing outs of various devices, the dealing with a low or feeling wiped out because of nagging highs – we’ll say my diabetes, on average, takes up 4 hours of my time each week (I feel this is a highly conservative estimate, but I have to start somewhere – as we know, diabetes is really a 24×7 job!)

4 hours x 52 weeks x 20 years = 4,160 hours of my life since I have had diabetes. At $30 per hour, that is $124,800!!

Oh, if I only could have that money to put into my retirement account, or pay off our home mortgage, or do something crazy fun with!! Diabetes….someday, I will find a way for you to pay up, if only by helping eradicate you from taking so much precious time away from me and from the rest of the D-world.

10 thoughts on “Charging Diabetes by the Hour

  1. I’ve thought the same thing before. As it stands, managing diabetes is slave labor. At the very least, I wish others would recognize that managing type 1 diabetes is a full time job.

  2. If you add that figure to how much you and/or your insurance paid for your insulin, test strips, and other supplies, the costs are staggering. Then you multiply that by the number of people with diabetes. Scary numbers for sure.

  3. you said it, woman. dang.

  4. I’ve said that managing a chronic illness should go on my resume before…

  5. Loved this one!!! 🙂

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  6. Yes! Where do I send the bill?

  7. Talking about inopportune moments for a low blood sugar – I was a few minutes early for a job interview (the last time I was hunting) so was hanging around outside the office building + sure enough I went low. I shoved so much soda and candy in my mouth so quickly I’m surprised I didn’t barf. I was like not now!!!!! This is such a great idea! Too bad we can’t really do it!

  8. Love love love this idea. Diabetes owes us all a ton of cash and I think it’s way past time to collect!! (Heck, let’s tack on some late fees too, considering we’ve been living with diabetes for so long and have yet to see a cent . . . . )

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