Don’t Buy This

Whatever you do, don’t buy this stuff!!

Whip it goodI saw this in the grocery store and thought, huh – I should eat more protein and fat in the form of peanut butter, and need a little something different to eat with crackers when I need a tide-me-over snack and looky! (It probably didn’t help that I was shopping with a bordering-on-low-blood-sugar. That never helps with making smart buying choices.)

This stuff is *whipped* and  even has a smidgeon of chocolate in it. Perfect for when you just need a teeny bit of sugary goodness, and don’t want to go overboard on something that is more of a no-no.

One taste and I was hooked. The serving size is 2 tablespoons. Good luck ONLY having that amount on your crackers, strawberries, pretzel sticks, banana sandwich, etc. It was all I could do not to empty half the container at it’s first opening.

MmmmFor those curious, there is the nutrition information. Not the absolute *worst* thing in the world for you (but the calories….WAY TOO MANY CALORIES.) To be safe, just don’t buy it. You’ll thank me for this recommendation later.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Buy This

  1. Have you ever tried Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter? (And it’s cousin, Cookie Butter with Chocolate?) Somehow it keeps showing up in my pantry. And… I keep eating it.

    • Shut the front door. It sounds amazing. And I like Trader Joe’s stuff WAY better than the regular grocery store, but it’s a little farther away so I don’t get there as often. And when I do go there, I buy so many delicious things already…..(note to self: seek out this “cookie butter.”)

  2. I totally agree with Jen about the Cookie Butter. I always have some around! And it’s not like I’m overindulging because most of the time I can have a spoonful and I’m good =)

  3. I am so glad my son was diagnosed with celiac RIGHT AFTER I met that speculoos cookie butter at Trader Joe’s.

    And thanks for the warning about this whip. I won’t buy it, but I might hope to go to a house where there is some.

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