Holidays, Diabetes, and Nostalgia

While I remain very mindful about my diabetes management (HELLO, 24/7, that’s diabetes!), you may have noticed that THIS = such memories.blogging is taking a huge backseat to all the holiday craziness…decorating the house, visits to see Santa, holiday baking and making crafts with my daughter, wrapping & mailing presents, and fun social events with family & friends are taking up almost all of my free time, and I love it.

But to help you stay on top of things, Kerri wrote a great post about Organized Diabetes, now with more Tips! that has a lot of great info and even more links in it about managing diabetes over the holidays.

As for me, I’m relishing in some Christmas nostalgia….I have a set of catalogs from Montgomery Ward (showing my age here….how many people reading this still remember paper catalogs, from which you would order something and hopefully receive it in 6-8 WEEKS, if you were lucky?) and have been perusing the ones from 1983. Thirty years ago seems like a crazy long time ago, yet when I think about my hopes, dreams, and Christmas Wish List from back then, it seems like only yesterday.

For fun, I scanned in some pages from the 1983 Christmas Wishes catalog to share with you all. Enjoy!!


I wanted EVERYTHING on the cover when I was 10. (OK, maybe I still want them now, too?)

LOVE the Vader phone

I had a few friends who had these phones, and I was always so jealous.

Kids these days have probably never seen a rotary phone.

What cracked me up about this one was…this had to be the first “skin” you could put on your phone, of whatever type. Hilarious!

VHS won...but did it,really?

VHS versus Beta war!! Same price…wow, who would spend over $500 for a VCR now???

2 thoughts on “Holidays, Diabetes, and Nostalgia

  1. VCR!!!! Believe it or not I still have one of those in my living room. However I have no idea if it still works or not since I haven’t used it in a good 8-10 years lol

  2. My favorite part of Christmas was pulling out the giant JCPenney catalog and spending hours with my brother circling our wishlists. I didn’t even realize those hardly exist anymore until I had kids of my own and wanted them to do the same

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