Diabetes Awareness Month Photo-a-Day 7 – Blue

“Blue” automatically makes me think of Blue Fridays, and how this past summer I realized, as good as blue looks on me, I didn’t have a whole lot of blue things to wear. So, I went out and bought some!

That's a lot of blue.

Anyone else notice there are 8 billion different shades of blue?

(Diabetes Month Photo-a-day prompts can be found at sixuntilme.com)

3 thoughts on “Diabetes Awareness Month Photo-a-Day 7 – Blue

  1. ::giggle:: ::straight face:: Nice blue panties. ::falls down laughing and stays there, clutching sides:: 🙂

  2. The many shades of blue make it easier to find something to wear on Friday. And they’re a nice metaphor for the many shades of diabetes.

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