Wordy Wednesday – Where’s My Umbrella?

My Little Pony - Parasol

It’s been raining and dreary around here, and I’m not feeling very blog-writing-inspired. To keep me on my toes, it looks like someone’s been busy finding new homes for her My Little Ponies in places other than in the toy box. Good thing this one has an umbrella cutie mark. (Her name is Parasol, get it?)

5 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday – Where’s My Umbrella?

  1. This picture makes me giggle!

    • Me, too 🙂 You know, kids do stuff all the time that can drive you nuts (like, not putting their toys away, leaving something out that you step on in the middle of the night and about kill yourself) but then they do something completely odd and random that makes you go – eh, who cares, it’s too cute for me to be upset about that.

  2. I’m finding these little things every where. It kind of makes me laugh though. Something to look forward to. Where will the next one be. 🙂

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