Sweet New Threads

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve become quite open about my diabetes in recent years, and have started wearing more diabetes-related apparel.

Got this *sweet*  new t-shirt in the mail today, that I had ordered through a TeeSpring fundraiser from Stick With It Sugar

Love it, Christina!

I’m already in love! Proceeds benefit JDRF, so it’s a win-win!! (FYI – I’m not sure if she is still selling the t-shirts…)

Thanks, Christina!

The t-shirt color is actually more a dark blue, not black – these pics were from my crappy cell phone. I was just too lazy today to haul out the big fancy camera.

Watch for me out and about around town – I’ve got the Electric Run 5k that I’ll be walking in tonight, and I think I’ll wear it there. Even though it’s a dark shirt,  I will be accessorizing with tons of glow in the dark bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, etc, as well as toting around some LED flashing lights, so people SHOULD be able to see me regardless!

One thought on “Sweet New Threads

  1. Nice– I love everything on that shirt!

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