A Post of Gastronomic Poop-portion

I’m sort of embarrassed to be writing about this (and trust me, it takes a LOT to embarrass me!) but I’m thinking I need to go to the doctor about my poop. There, I said it.

Poop has become a common word around my house, it’s just, we usually talk about my daughter’s poop – considering she has been potty training for a couple of months now (“Yay, you pooped in the potty!!!!), and even as a baby, pooping was a very important occurrence to track. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve talked about poop over the past 2.5 years, and just last night, during a wonderful home-made stir-fry dinner, I talked about poop with my neighbors, and a girl I’d literally just met. No topic is taboo over dinner, apparently. None of us were grossed out. Poop-talk is that common.

This always makes me giggle

You can have your own jelly bean pooping bear! (click on image to go to site from whence said photo came)

But my own personal poop? Not that common. I’m lucky if I poop a couple times a week on average. However, in the past 3-4 months or so, I’ve noticed an alarming change in my poop cycles. I’ve been going more often, and they are usually not pleasant. They are not the bastions of solidity that I am used to. They are odd colors and consistencies. They are many times urgently required to happen, if you know what I mean.

I’ve asked my endocrinologist about it, as well as my OB/gyn. Neither of them seemed particularly concerned. I’m taking Metformin, and that supposedly has the side-effect of stomach upset. But I’ve been taking that for years now, and these poop problems just started a few months ago.

This past weekend, I had a new side effect: feeling nauseous after eating lunch, and then an overwhelming fatigue that hit me like a Mack truck – so hard that I was forced to take a mid-day nap (I have NEVER been a napper, except for when pregnant, and no, I’m definitely not pregnant) and I slept for 4 hours. Even after the nap, I was still dragging, went to bed at my usual hour, and slept for 8 hours. A humongous “thanks” goes out to my husband for taking over kid-duty 100% and letting me get as much sleep as I did.

Yesterday and today I haven’t felt quite as tired as all that, but I’m still not back to normal. Poops are still weird and gross. The nausea doesn’t occur after every meal, but it seems to be barely there maybe 1 or 2 meals out of the day. I am refusing to do internet searches on symptoms, because I don’t want to self-diagnose myself with the worst case scenario. Could this be something diabetes-complication-related? Maybe. But I’m not going to blame the big D until I know more.

All this poop-talk just to say: I think it’s time I found myself a good gastroenterologist.

19 thoughts on “A Post of Gastronomic Poop-portion

  1. Someone, not me, is going to say to do that FODMAP thing or Whole30 and then reintroduce foods and see which foods make which crazy poops.


  2. I am not a gastroenterologist by any stretch, but I have been living with poop issues of my own for several years now, so I understand your concern. And also, talking about poop is funny. Sometimes. Anyway, since you have t1, I’m assuming you’ve had tests for celiac or gluten intolerance? That would be my first guess since celiac and t1 seem to go hand and hand quite often. But, if those tests are negative my second guess would be lactose intolerance. This is one that is currently plaguing me, or at least I am guessing that is what it is since my symptoms get pretty crazy when I consume dairy. However, my symptoms have become more concerning that the occasional cramps and loose stools so I finally have decided to seek a specialist.

    My suggestion would be to make an appointment with your PCP (if you have one) before jumping directly to a GI specialist. In the meantime, perhaps start keeping a journal of your symptoms and possible triggers. Ate a lot of dairy and had symptoms – write it down. Wheat? Corn? Acidic foods such as citrus or tomatoes? All of these are common aggravating foods for GI issues.

    • I should have noted: I do already know I am lactose intolerant, and I’m 99% sure it’s not related to that. I’ve come to understand what triggers lactose issues with me – milk does, cheese doesn’t, etc – and those things were not/have not been involved. I’ve been curious about gluten/wheat issues, but no – no doctor has ever seen fit to test me for celiacs.

  3. Hope it’s nothing more alarming than a jelly bean pooping bear:)

  4. It just may be the Metformin! I have heard of others who have had stomach problems with it!

  5. Do you have thyroid issues? Poop problems and fatigue can be common symptoms. Agree with starting with your PCP and could be the Metformin even though you’ve been on it for a while. Might be interesting to stop it for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

  6. When I read the title of this post I got really excited! I don’t know how well you know me or my blog but most people make fun of me because how much I talk about pooping and farting.
    I’m a huge proponent of healthy bowels. I totally understand changes in poop health and I tend to pay attention to mine.
    I get very super crazy nauseous if I haven’t crapped for a couple days. I’ll feel like I’m going to puke and then have the sudden urge to crap my pants. I’ll go to the bathroom, empty what feels like my body weight in poo and then feel sick to my stomach for hours afterwards.
    This made me put more effort into keeping my guts moving. I went so far as to buy my own enema kit which I have used once already.

    If you find anything out about the “nausea/poop/fatigue” combination I’m interested to know.

  7. Let me know what you find out. Oddly enough, I’ve been having the exact same thing happen, but I didn’t want to talk about it because, well, it’s poop… and lately, it is very gross. And the whole Mack-truck thing?? Yep.. I have caught myself falling asleep at work!!!

  8. I think a trip to the gastro doctor is best. But I understand your search for ideas that don’t have you dying in 6 months. If you are eating differently or doing more activity, that could always affect your poop. I noticed when I started working out regularly (no pun intended!) that I started going more frequently which I believe is normal. I hope you find the answer and that it’s nothing at all serious!

  9. It’s true what every says – people love potty talk! 😉 Will keep you posted on what I find out. So many things it could be! Hoping for the simplest thing, and easiest to fix (I might lose it if I find out I’m gluten intolerant, though. Sigh.)

    • Well……

      when I was having issues a number of years ago that’s when I discovered I had celiac disease.
      Although it sucks BIG TIME.. it beats how I was feeling

  10. Hey there and good morning. If I might add my thoughts, you are describing the exact same symptoms I used to have before I found out that I am gluten intolerant. It’s kind of like a food allergy in that you can develop it even if you haven’t had an intolerance before. I had to argue with my doctor to have allergy testing done. For some reason, it isn’t something that docs seem enthusiastic about. The nice part is that if it is a gluten issue, it’s a relatively easy fix. Just don’t eat wheat. It seems much bigger than it is but like anything else, after a while it becomes second nature. If it turns out that that is the issue, shoot me a message. I’ve been gluten free for years and I can help you get started. 🙂 Good luck!

    • I am truly thinking this may be the issue….I’ve had my suspicions, but really the only way to know for sure is take gluten out of the picture and see. And ask my doctor, but like you said, sometimes they are reluctant to test. One of my friends actually WAS tested, came back negative, but in taking gluten out of her diet anyway, her issues were solved. I just have such a love/hate relationship with food already because of diabetes….I’m not happy about having to deal with even more food issues 😦

      • When I had allergy testing done, I was told the testing only picks up certain reactions to allergens in the body. It is possible to have an allergy but not have a test come back positive for it. You’re right, the best way to check is too pull out wheat. If you do (and I think it is worth trying), you’ll have to go through every food and product you own to remove it. There is wheat in soy sauce, lotions, shampoos, etc, things you generally wouldn’t think of. You’ll also have to avoid barley, oats, and rye as there is often cross contamination with those items. But there are plenty of gluten free alternatives. Udi’s and Rudi’s make some of the best GF products I have found.

      • I assume that you know that if you want to be tested for gluten intolerance that you shouldn’t pull wheat out of your diet before testing.

      • Yes 🙂

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