Test, Bolus, Eat, Repeat

A public service announcement for Type 1 diabetics from my daughter:

When I first got this t-shirt, she saw all the symbols on it, and asked me what they were, so of course, I told her and explained them, in the best way I could for a 2 year old to comprehend. Now, it’s just a game for her to say the words, but one day…she’ll really get what it means to me, and I hope she’ll realize the weight of those words on my daily life.

One of many awesome T-shirts from: http://type1diabetesmemes.spreadshirt.com/

One of many awesome T-shirts from: http://type1diabetesmemes.spreadshirt.com/ (photo credit for this goes to them as well)

For many years post-diagnosis, I never wanted the general populace to “know” I was different, and I hid all my diabetic accoutrements when I was out in public….when I was on MDIs and was eating at a restaurant, I would excuse myself from the table and discreetly go to the bathroom to take a shot or check my blood sugar. Once on the pump, I used to do the same thing (because it was housed in my bra, and digging around in your shirt at the dinner table is usually frowned-upon.)

But now? I’m wide open. I will whip out my pump or test my sugar anytime and anywhere. I don’t care. I’m like the honey badger in that respect.

I frequently wear t-shirts with obvious diabetes-related content in the hopes that someone will see me, realize I’m one of their peeps, and we’ll have a “diabetes in the wild” adventure. And every day, until there’s a cure, just like the t-shirt shows: I test, bolus, eat, repeat.

6 thoughts on “Test, Bolus, Eat, Repeat

  1. I kept my pump in my bra as well, but unlike you, would just whip it out no matter where I was. Close friends who were once strangers were subjected to the “I have diabetes!” show of me rooting around in my shirt at a lunch table. They were horrified that I was just…fondling myself in public until I pulled my pump out with the tubing attached.
    I still laugh when I think about it. Like… right now.

  2. I’m all over being a loud and proud diabetic. Do we have a flag like the rainbow one? I’d be waving it if we did.
    I inject in my boobs in public. I test EVERYWHERE and people sometimes stare. I fall victim to low blood sugars in Costco and take up residence on their couches for sale.
    it happens… everywhere. Half my wardrobe of t-shirts are diabetes related.

    I think we need a flag…

  3. I know the feeling exactly (of going from hiding diabetes to displaying it, not of searching for a pump in a bra). If there’s one thing this whole diabetes online adventure has given me, it’s CONFIDENCE.

    Cute video, by the way!

  4. I used to hide my diabetes stuff too!!! I’m so glad so many of us are out in the open with it now. And I hope you get a cool “diabetes in the wild” experience soon!!

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