Artificial Pancreas? Not.

Artificial is defined as:
1. a. Made by humans; produced rather than natural.
b. Brought about or caused by sociopolitical or other human-generated forces or influences: set up artificial barriers against women and minorities; an artificial economic boom.
2. Made in imitation of something natural; simulated: artificial teeth.
3. Not genuine or natural: an artificial smile.

Pancreas is defined as:
A long, irregularly shaped gland in vertebrates, lying behind the stomach, that secretes pancreatic juice into the duodenum and insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin into the bloodstream.

By smooshing (clearly, a scientific term) those 2 words together, somehow mainstream media thinks that because the FDA approved something with ONE FREAKING NEW FEATURE ON AN INSULIN PUMP, suddenly we all will soon have fake pancreas machines that will “fix” our diabetes.

Scott Hanselman wrote a post about this that describes (better than I can) exactly how I’m sure a LOT of us feel:

Am I excited about new pump technology? Yes. Would I love to have an artificial pancreas so I didn’t have to think about managing my diabetes 24/7? Of course. But please – until it really does everything-my-broken-pancreas-should-do, or very close to it – don’t call it an artificial pancreas.
English: Diagram shows insulin release from th...

English: Diagram shows insulin release from the Pancreas and how this lowers blood sugar leves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Low Hallucinations

(Don’t you hate it when you clickety-click around on your screen while creating a blog entry, your computer is slow, and you accidentally hit “publish” before actually creating the post? Yeah, I did that today.)

Last night, while heading out the door to go to dinner with my d-girl friends, my Dexcom starting blaring, and I (correctly) guessed it was the “blood sugar heading downwards” alarm. I didn’t even look at it. It was sooooo close to dinner. I knew better than to drive the 9 minutes to the restaurant without having something working to counteract a potential low, so I shoved a Pillsbury Ready-to-Bake! Pumpkin Cookie in my mouth, several grapes, and swigged some milk to wash it all down.  I don’t ever drive with a low, and I was still feeling OK, so I felt plenty safe enough to get in the car.

Yummy pumpkin goodness. Even raw.

“Please do not eat raw cookie dough.” Does anyone really pay attention to that warning??

On the way to the restaurant, I got stuck behind this old, beat up blue sedan, and could barely make out the back of the driver’s head through the dirty rear windshield. It appeared she had a head full of pigs in a blanket in her hair. Huh?

As the sedan turned and I managed to pass the car, I glanced over – just to make sure she wasn’t actually wearing  those morsels of tastiness – and sure enough, it was a head full of hair curlers, NOT pigs in a blanket. This kind of “low hallucination” seems to happen to me a lot. If my blood sugar starts edging towards 70 or so, food-related connections start happening more and more frequently. Now, I was barely in the 70s at that moment, which isn’t terribly low for me, and consciously I *knew* that lady didn’t really have pigs in a blanket in her hair, but I did find it amusing that it was the first thing that popped into my head.

What is your funniest low hallucination? (and now I’m off to find me some pigs in a blanket for lunch….)

2 Things Thursday

One: I just signed up to participate in World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange to commemorate World Diabetes Day on November 14.

I’ve never done it before, and I’m really looking forward to it. The d-girls and I had so much fun on Diabetes Art Day that I’m thinking of incorporating this home-made-postcard-creation-art-event into another gathering, as well as having my daughter help me make some of the postcards. I applied to be a “postcard elf” which means I may be making some extra cards as well. Yay, artsy fun!

Two: Lauren’s Hope medic alert bracelets need to stop being so stinking pretty. I don’t *need* more bracelets – to be completely honest, I don’t really like wearing them because I’m a klutz and get them caught on everything – but Lauren’s Hope makes bracelets so stylish and snazzy, that I’ve actually started wearing a medic alert bracelet about 90% of the time when I leave the house. (This is exceptionally higher than the 0% I was wearing one about 2 years ago.) I WANT this new one with the animal print design. As it states in the description – “Let loose your inner wild side” – thank you, I will!!

(And in case you’re wondering, I don’t think “2 Things Thursday” is an internet theme-day yet, but maybe it will become one?? Oh, wait – I just searched and found someone has done a Three Things Thursday. Wow. The alliteration for that is SO much better. I probably will not become an internet theme-day pioneer anytime soon….)

Week in Pictures Roundup

I know it’s Wednesday, and might be kind of odd to do a “week in review” post (honestly, it’s more like a week-and-a-couple-days in review”), but that’s what you’re getting today. Kind of goes along with the “Wordless Wednesday” theme, although you know, I’m rarely “wordless.”

And this was the highest it was for most of the morning.

My blood sugar at the end of the Dance Dash 5k. After snarfing tons of carbs along the way, just to keep from falling out from running so low. Thank goodness my husband came along to feed me and watch our daughter.

She keeps me going, even when I feel like stopping

Recovering from the lows, and feeling good to be with my family. I need to work more on my strategies for managing blood sugars while exercising, obviously.

Loss is inevitable.

A somber trip to the mountains to say goodbye to my uncle who died of bone marrow cancer.
RIP Uncle Roger.

Just hanging around

Fun at the park for a 2 year old friend’s birthday party

Electric running (OK, walking) was the best!

My team who did the Electric Run 5k. OK, so most of us walked it. My sugar crashed of course (again) but I made it through. A night filled with friends, lights, and LED displays made the exercise worth it!

Mmmm, cupcakes

Morning after the Electric Run 5k, I walked the Cupcake Fun Run 5k. With cupcakes available, surely my blood sugars would survive?!! They did OK. But only because I ate 1 cupcake before, and 1 cupcake after. (No judging – I NEEDED those cupcakes!)

Whew, almost done!

Stopping for a photo op – thankfully, not a major crash during this 5k, but still a little tenuous for blood sugar management. Even with the cupcakes.

Mmmmm, cake!

We won Parents of the Year this day. Cupcakes in the morning for the 5k, and birthday cake that afternoon at a friend’s 1 year old’s party. Our daughter was on a sugar high, to be sure. Check out all the kids/vultures “helping” this little guy with his smash cake. Too cute.

Don't let the Quetzocoatalus get you!

After two 5ks over the weekend, it made sense that we should spend Sunday walking even more at the Zoo, right? Penny wanted to go see the Dinosaurs. She was terrified of the animatronic creatures last time, but assured us she would be fine this time. Never trust a 2.5 year old.

Whew. I think I’ll go take a nap for the next 5 days now.

Sweet New Threads

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve become quite open about my diabetes in recent years, and have started wearing more diabetes-related apparel.

Got this *sweet*  new t-shirt in the mail today, that I had ordered through a TeeSpring fundraiser from Stick With It Sugar

Love it, Christina!

I’m already in love! Proceeds benefit JDRF, so it’s a win-win!! (FYI – I’m not sure if she is still selling the t-shirts…)

Thanks, Christina!

The t-shirt color is actually more a dark blue, not black – these pics were from my crappy cell phone. I was just too lazy today to haul out the big fancy camera.

Watch for me out and about around town – I’ve got the Electric Run 5k that I’ll be walking in tonight, and I think I’ll wear it there. Even though it’s a dark shirt,  I will be accessorizing with tons of glow in the dark bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, etc, as well as toting around some LED flashing lights, so people SHOULD be able to see me regardless!

Wordless Wednesday – Giving Back

Volunteered with a few hundred other co-workers and community members to sort and package foodstuffs to feed 100,000 people in our state.

Volunteered this morning with a few hundred other co-workers and community members to package 100,000 meals to feed the hungry in our state.

There are food banks all over the US…find one in your area, donate or volunteer today!