OneTouch Made Me Feel So Much Better

It’s like they read my mind! I’ve been using OneTouch test strips for years now, and was always frustrated that the bottles were packaged in sets of 25 strips each. I mean, seriously? I can blow through 25 strips in a couple of days if I’m on the first legs of a new Dexcom sensor (and have to calibrate it and/or don’t trust it yet,) or if I just have wonky sugars I’m trying to chase down. My answer to this supply issue has always been to immediately combine 2 bottles of fresh test strips into one – so I have more available to me for longer in my “diabetes checker” pack.

More strips per bottle!!!

They look the same….only different…

And the boxes of test strips have always been enormous compared to the amount of product that is within them. A mere 100 test strips in a 3″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″ box. It takes up a significant area of my diabetes supply closet. Consider the shelf real estate it takes up in the pharmacy?

So, imagine my surprise when I picked up my 3 month supply of test strips from the pharmacy this morning. I actually left the store, walked out to my car, shook the bag, and went, “huh?” I hadn’t had coffee yet, so I was a little slow on figuring things out. I went back inside and told the pharmacy tech that it felt a bit light for 300 test strips.

(What I actually said was, “Dude, are you sure there are 300 test strips in here?” and he was like, “Um, yeah, I think so, let’s just look and see.” He’s a nice sort of guy – we have that kind of banter about once every 3 months. More frequently during allergy season, but I digress.)

Sure enough, we tore the package open, and out come 3 smallish boxes, holding a whopping 100 test strips each. Angels sang, the sun came out from behind the clouds – it was awe inspiring. Guess it didn’t take much to make me happy this Friday morning, but it’s the little things like this that make me feel better.

Less real estate taken up in my closet, too!

Less trees were destroyed in the making of this product, yay!

P.S. StripSafely, ya’ll!!

10 thoughts on “OneTouch Made Me Feel So Much Better

  1. Me too, with VerioIQ! Luckily I’d read about the packaging change on Moments of Wonderful’s Sara’s facebook, or I’d have been all uppity at CVS re “where’s the other half of my strips?!”

    This is something to celebrate! And also important to announce, so Rx picker-uppers don’t think they’ve been shortchanged.

    50 strips per can, party time!

  2. I noticed that too! I feel like a bottle lasts foreverrrrr now!

  3. whoa!! hallelujah!

  4. 50 per tube? Sweet! But still… what does everyone do with all the leftover canisters? I feel like there should be something useful to do with them, but what?

    • In the past, I’ve used them to keep beads and other little findings in for jewelry-making class. I just pull or soak off the labels, and then glue an example of whatever is inside onto the top of them. When my daughter is a bit older, I WILL find something we can do with them as a craft, not just for Diabetes Art Day 🙂

  5. I currently combine my Verio strips from 2 vials into 1 to make 50, but it sounds as though the packaging of these strips has changed also. I find the Verio strips much more difficult to get out of the vial because they tend to stick together. I am waiting for strip dispenser that it built like a Pez dispenser. Push a button and one strip (and only one) pops out. Having cute heads on top like Mickey Mouse and Batman would add some fun to my testing:)

  6. Oh, I noticed this too! Embarrassing story time- my mom took the boxes back to the pharmacy because she swore that I only got 200 and not 300 for this month. I had 2 boxes of 50 and 2 boxes of 100. Yep, 300! The only thing I’ve noticed is that it’s harder to get one strip out if you have big fingers (Like me!)

  7. I can’t wait for our next order!

  8. You’re lucky. In Japan, One Touch strips are still in a box of 30 (2 containers of 15 strips each). One day, Lifescan will explain to me why.

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