Props to Type 1 Design

Last week, some d-friends stumbled upon this “type 1 diabetes infographic” and I’ve been seeing it make the rounds across Facebook, blogs, Tumbler, etc. ever since. It’s an amazingly informative (and amusing) explanation of Type 1 diabetes that is something we can share with everyone who might not “get it.” Love it. Share it. Tell everyone about it!

In tooling around the site a little more, you’ll see there are pretty cool looking Type 1 t-shirts for sale as well, and the option to get a quote from the designer to have him do custom work for you.

Here’s the props for awesomeness: the designer is a Type 1 himself, and a portion of the proceeds from the work he does is donated to JDRF!

I’m working on building my walk team for our local November 2nd JDRF walk, and one thing I wanted was a special t-shirt to give my team members who fund-raise at least $50 or more.  How better to design the logo (since my creative brain is toast right now) than to have this guy do it?  I contacted him via the Quote request button on the site, and he got back to me lickety-split.

We did everything by email – I gave him a very broad idea of what I was looking for, and he helped me focus and nail down specifics. He created some fabulous options, and within just a few days, we had settled on the design, he emailed it to me in various formats, and I paid my invoice to him online. Easy peasey! And I LOVE it! Very reasonable in cost, and like I mentioned, a portion of the proceeds goes to JDRF, so that’s a win-win!

Buzz buzz

Goooooooo Rowdies! Doesn’t this make you want to join my team? Or at least donate? 😉

(All that just to say….if you need some graphic design work done, or any of the other services he offers, I would HIGHLY recommend him – Type 1 Design, Ryan Brown!!)

2 thoughts on “Props to Type 1 Design

  1. I posted that infographic on Facebook as well! Very cute. I love the t-shirt too!

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