Random Spamdom

I’ve been quite pleased with how well WordPress has saved me from dealing with spam comments. (And by default, keeping you guys from having to deal with them as well.) Although, after only about 3 months of blogging, it is frightening that I have this stat:

“Akismet has protected your site from 1,827 spam comments already.”

I’ve thought about adding one of those “captcha” doo-hickeys to make sure real people have to type in real words in order to submit comments and such, but then I see things like this, when I am trying to do something and it’s trying to prove I’m human:

WTF?“What’s this?” it asks. How the heck am I supposed to know? It looks worse than my endocrinologist’s chicken scratch in my medical records. I give up. I must not be human (go diabetes cyborg!) and should not be submitting this, obviously.

4 thoughts on “Random Spamdom

  1. I hate those kind! Luckily they usually give the option to choose another one or do an audio version – which sometimes is just as terrible! I’m pretty sure that if I were not a real human I wouldn’t push the button to hear the audio in the first place. Background noise and static is not necessary! Oh, and thanks for not making us type CAPTCHA’s while commenting. I also have been impressed with Akismet.

  2. some captchas really are impossible. I used to get a lot of spam but then I stopped allowing anyone who is not a wordpress user to comment. I still get wordpress users spamming me though but just less of the outside crap.

  3. Yes, thanks for NOT requiring captchas. They can be a real pain in the butt! I think Akismet is pretty good…some stuff slips through though, and once I recall a legitimate comment getting intercepted, but for what I pay to use WordPress (nothing), I won’t complain.

  4. Wow 1800+ spam comments!! That’s crazy…I think I have about 4 haha. But yes, thank you for not requiring the captchas, I can NEVER read what they say

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