Wordy Wednesday – Low? Low…. Low!

If I could just bottle this to use on the days I was running high, it would be worth it.This was my Dexcom G4 view for the majority of the day yesterday. It didn’t start going up until I consumed a VERY carb-filled Italian dinner last night, but even then, it spiked up, then sorted itself out pretty predictably (after a few hours.) No post-breakfast spike yesterday morning or this morning either. What am I doing different? What am I eating different? Nothing out of the ordinary, as far as I can tell. Could it be a new bottle of insulin? Could it be the new-ish infusion set site absorbs better?

This diabetes thing……always confusing. always a moving target, always a celebration around the corner for the beneficial accomplishments, or a curse on those not-so-controlled days.

6 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday – Low? Low…. Low!

  1. When it’s that of the month for me (TMI?) I can usually eat whatever I want and never spike. And there have been months, although not in a while for some reason, where the lows just wouldn’t stop. It’s like the insulin is 100 times more potent. Could it be that time for you? Too personal? 😉

    • Ha ha, not too personal, but ironically, I am just the opposite that time of the month – I tend to run high that week. (Probably due to the fact I eat every ounce of dark chocolate in sight for about 2 days….hmmm) I do think it could be related to post-menstrual hormonal shift, but geez!

  2. Ugh, I hope things settle down and sort themselves out soon – all those lows aren’t fun. And I feel your pain because I’ve been running weirdly low for about a week now. (And it isn’t hormones, as far as I know, unless they are changing now that I’m 45.) We even went to the movies on Saturday and I didn’t spike from the popcorn – which has probably never happened before.

    • If I hadn’t seen the spike after eating LOADS of carbs in that Italian dinner, including several bites of a decadent chocolate mousse, I was about to go down the road of eating pizza and Chinese food all day. If that doesn’t jack me up, nothing will 🙂

  3. So difficult to nail it down, right? If diabetes would play nice, we might all get a good night’s sleep now and then.

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