Where’s My CGM?

I know, it’s Monday. We had a busy weekend filled with lots of fun, so I can’t complain. But really, how asleep was I this morning that I had no idea where my CGM was for several hours (it usually lives beside my bed at night, and in my pocket during the day), or how it got to the place where I found it:

I hope it can handle the cold.The only thing I can guess is that, as I was preparing breakfast for my daughter and myself, I got distracted while checking to see what my sugar was, and put the CGM into the fridge instead of what was in my other hand. My sugar was fine – a happy 104 when I woke up, so I can’t blame a low – but I hadn’t had any coffee, so we’ll use that as as excuse. Where’s the oddest place that you have found your CGM (or other diabetes-related tool?)

7 thoughts on “Where’s My CGM?

  1. I wear the Medtronic CGM/pump and one time I couldn’t find my sensor. I looked for days and when I called to see how much it’s cost to replace it, I looked even harder 🙂 Ended up finding it under the stove!! I usually always put it back on the blue charger, but this find I apparently just had it on the counter. And my cat thought it was a toy. 😉

  2. I have no interesting stories, but I have panicked more than once when I couldn’t find my receiver. It usually has dropped out of my pocket in the car or on the couch. Silly women’s clothes that sometimes have terrible (or no) pockets to hold things safely.

    I enjoy your blog.

    • Thanks!! And I agree 1000% – I have had to stop buying and kind of pants that have no pockets in them. It’s even hard to find lounging pants with good, deep pockets that my CGM/pump/cell phone won’t fall out of!

  3. Haha! That’s pretty funny! I once found it in one of my shoes, I think it fell off my bed, but it definitely took me some time to find it!

  4. LOL! That’s freaking AWESOME!!!

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