Your Monthly Reminder

Still, ouch

Rainbow colors should make your fingers happy to be stuck!

Because I’ve recently had many animated conversations with other PWDs about this, and I wrote a post noting how infrequently we change them out, I thought I would remind everyone (myself included) to take a moment here, on the 1st of the month, and change out the lancet in your checker! (This one goes out especially to you, Laura, since you asked for it 🙂 ) Your poor, overly scarred, and  tired-of-all-the-bloodletting fingertips will thank you. End of PSA.

But they still work fine!

Who knew lancets expired? And that I’ve had these so long that they can almost drive a car by themselves?

15 thoughts on “Your Monthly Reminder

  1. Craaaaaaaaaaaaap. Definitely forgot this morning!!.

  2. But… I did this last month. 😛

  3. Oooh! Good reminder! I think I’ll replace my current expired lancet with a new expired lancet! 🙂

  4. Great reminder. Now, where are those lancets anyway?

  5. I am going to TRY and change it out every week! Crazy, I know!

  6. haha I had to look if my box was expired, yup 2005. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Well I just changed it! My fingers WILL be happy! Great Post.

  8. But my smoke detector battery hasn’t died yet 😛 Thanks for the reminder-I’m changing mine now 🙂

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