Diabetapedia and Check-in Day

In looking up a reference URL to link here for DOC (Diabetes Online Community), I came across said link to Diabetapedia.com – am I just slow on the uptake of finding this? How long has this been around? Have any of you guys submitted information to it? And does anyone else think they are kind of stealing Kerri’s tagline? I’m not sure how I feel about this…..I really like the idea of a diabetes-wikipedia-type site, but I guess I am a little suspicious when anything is sponsored/run by “big pharma.” There always seems to be a (not-so) secret agenda of them getting money and marketing from it, and regardless of who provides the information, there’s always something in the back of my mind that questions their motivations and the data that’s given because I feel they have their own agenda behind providing it.  I must noodle on this a bit more.

Switching gears (because I’m a bit off-kilter this morning after enjoying too much Stark Raving wine this weekend), how often is it that we let others in the DOC know that we read what they post, understand where they are coming from, and give them that little piece of moral support that can help them learn a new diabetes tip, or motivate them out of a bad case of diabetes burnout? Probably not often enough! So, today, if you’re reading this blog, please post a comment – even if it’s just a “check!” to say you’re here and you read this.  Chris at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia had this idea, and I’m participating today as well (as soon as I have time enough to read all the blogs I need to.)

Another switching of gears….we got some much needed relief from the heat yesterday at the misty-water-zone area at the Durham Museum of Life & Science. We took Penny there for the 1st time since she’s become a truly aware little person (the time we went when she was 8 months doesn’t count, since all she did that visit was sit in the stroller, sip milk, cry, poop and pee in a diaper, and nap. Oh, how life has changed!)
Kids in the MistFunny with my buddy Seth!One cool kid.

30 thoughts on “Diabetapedia and Check-in Day

  1. i like the look of that misty zone

  2. Heyyy! I live one street over from the museum!! Call me next time 🙂

  3. Those pictures look like a smoke machine going nuts before a wrestler’s entrance. “IN THIS CORNER…”

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. That little girl of yours is absolutely adorable! And you are too 😉

  5. I read you and appreciate you ;] Also, I need to visit the Durham Museum of life and science.. thanks for the reminder!

  6. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pictures.

  7. #dblogcheck – I’ve never seen the site-will have to check it out. I want one of those mist things in my yard!

  8. That mist park looks great! I need to find one for my area.

    • The mist area is just one of SO MANY neat areas at this museum. There’s a Dinosaur trail, a place to sail little boats, a petting zoo area of farm animals, other zoo animals to see, a butterfly aviary, indoor play and discovery areas galore….I just couldn’t upload all the pictures! 🙂

  9. Whee! 🙂 Happy girl…

  10. That’s a cute kid you’ve got there. 🙂 (And the tagline thing? I believe it’s been gently … borrowed?)

  11. Great post and good points!

  12. Can I just say I’m a fan of your blog? Keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks

  13. I want to second what StephenS said!! I’m a fan of your blog too!! ❤

  14. Read your blog all the time! 🙂 keep it up!

  15. That misty thing looks SO NICE! Adorable pics of your little one, too. 🙂

  16. This looks like so much fun — and so refreshing! Adorable.

  17. I need one of those misty yard things (well I also need a yard)! Glad to find your blog today and Happy #dblogcheck day!

  18. When I was a little kid, I used to put my hand in the misty water that came down over the veggies at the grocery store (ok, sometimes I still do it, but not as often! haha).

  19. I want to play in a misty zone!!!

    Kerri has been “borrowed” from many times and she is definitely more gracious about it than I would be…

  20. Looks like a truly fun pace for a kiddo! YAY

  21. Hi there, I stumbled on your blog because of a comment you left on Stacey’s. I’m trying to drop by as many dblogs for #dblogcheck day. I so wish we had a misting tent here in Massachusetts. The weather finally broke, plummeting to 80 degrees after weeks of high 80s and 90s. Kerri mentioned the heat did things to her blood sugar. After some of the crap I’ve had in the last 2 week, I think it’s the same for me.

    So glad I found your dblog today.

  22. Glad to have found your blog as I blog-hopped around the #dblogcheck day!

  23. YOU. ROCK. That is all.

  24. Ahh haha, I was writing my last post with Check as the starter to what I was going to say and my laptop went a little bonkers and decided to post it before I finished typing, haha. Anyways, I was just going to say “Check” a little late since I was traveling during Dblog check day but I love your blog and I had no idea about Diabetapedia-thanks for sharing 🙂

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