I’ll have Gerard Butler with my wine, thank you

My favorite wines tend to be red….my current red wine of choice is just about any Malbec from Argentina. I’m not a wine snob nor do I profess to know much about wine, but I know what I like to drink, and over the years I’ve (mostly) figured out how wine affects me and my blood sugars. One glass of red wine with a carb-filled Italian dinner actually seems to help keep my blood sugars a little more stable….my guess is, my liver decides to process the alcohol instead of immediately processing the carbs, so I get a bit of a sugar-break. Now, this is just an observation I’ve made with myself and how my body works – YDMV (your diabetes may vary.)

When my eye was drawn to this “Stark Raving White” wine in the grocery store aisle, I felt compelled to buy it, even though white wines tend to affect my sugars more (by having more carbs in the wine itself), and they are not as tasty to me as the reds. Yum, wine. Yum, Gerard Butler.Ah, Gerard Butler! That may or may not be his image on the bottle, but this winery knew how to suck me into buying their wines….put sexy-looking men on the labels. (It’s like I’m back in college, didn’t know what wines I would like, so I bought them based on how pretty the bottle or label was. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes it didn’t. Bleck.) I have no idea if the steampunk-looking dude on the Stark Raving Red bottle is supposed to be Gerard as well – the glasses kind of throw me off – but I’ll happily drink him up as well.

(And here’s your Public Service Announcement from the ADA on alcohol and diabetes.)

5 thoughts on “I’ll have Gerard Butler with my wine, thank you

  1. I wonder if in addition to the liver-being-busy thing, red wine has some of the acidic properties of vinegar? I learned from Gary Scheiner’s glycemic index talk that adding vinegar/lemon/anything acidic to a meal slows down the carbs.

    This post made me happy. I love that you have a built-in excuse to drink what you love.

    I’ve been drinking lots of lemon water. Completely irrelevant because I have no diabetes. I just want to be part of things.

    • It most definitely could have something to do with the acidic properties! As a side note, I usually am also drinking water with lemon alongside my dinners that include wine. So, Hmmmmm????

  2. Next to my Brita water pitcher is a box of white wine with a spout. It takes up 25% of the shelf, but it’s worth it and brings me so much happiness. =)

  3. I definitely used to buy wine bottles based on how pretty the labels were haha

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