Wordy Wednesday – Diabetes Goat

A confusing pair, just like me and diabetesNeither the monkey (I know, it’s a lemur) nor the goat has diabetes….but isn’t this an interesting visualization of a relationship? Kind of how I feel with my diabetes, only, I’m not sure if I’m the monkey or the goat?

Some days I plod along like the goat….going about my business of living and eating and working, and diabetes is just there – hanging onto me with tiny monkey fingers and occasionally jumping off to let me enjoy a day of no highs and no lows where I almost feel “normal.”

Then some days, I’m the monkey, clinging onto the “diabetes goat” for dear life….where I’m taken on a roller coaster of highs and lows that leave me exhausted and ornery by the end of the day (which sometimes melts even into the following day.) All I want to do on those days is jump off that freaking goat. But then I realize…my diabetes goat has also taken me to places I would have never gone otherwise – like the diabetes online & offline communities of amazing people that I’ve met – so maybe this symbiotic relationship is worth it after all. (And it really makes for a cute picture, doesn’t it? I may have to start calling diabetes “the goat.” That makes me giggle.)

4 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday – Diabetes Goat

  1. Yep. New name for diabetes is for sure the goat. “My goat is making me high today.” Or “My goat took me on a roller coaster yesterday.”

    Love this.

  2. How about “I can do anything anyone without a goat can do”? Great post.

  3. Makes total sense to me. I’m digging Stephen’s line. 🙂

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