How I Finally Started Wearing My Dexcom G4

Took my daughter to an aquatic center, thinking I’d only just wade in, so I wore my pump and Dexcom Seven+ in the bra area of my suit. We’d been to other pools several times this summer, and this set-up worked OK so far.

Booby TrapNote the buckets at the top of this picture. It was a spinning gauntlet of drenching-water-booby-trap. It got me. Got me good.

The unintentional soaking left my Dexcom Seven+ receiver giving me the “out of range” symbol for the rest of the day, even though it was always within 5 feet of the sensor on my thigh. And check out the obvious-looking water-leakage line in this next picture.

I think it's dead, Jim. So, even though I’d been stretching out my remaining Dexcom Seven+ supplies for as long as I could before switching over, this meant I had to break open the box of my new Dexcom G4 and start learning to use it. So, here goes!!!

New. Fancy. (I like to keep it in my pocket, and wanted some sort of protective cover regardless, so I had already bought this sassy yellow neoprene one from a few weeks ago.)

4 thoughts on “How I Finally Started Wearing My Dexcom G4

  1. Likely story! Haha, just kidding 😉 Hate that’s how you were forced to transition, but excited for you to experience the amazing range the g4 has!

    • I do like it so far! I keep it on my nightstand when I sleep, so even getting up to use the bathroom or take a shower now, I don’t lose signal like the 7+ did. I say that I “like” it so far, but I’m still withholding “love” it status until I’ve had some more time with it 🙂

  2. Just don’t put the G4 under the bucket too! 😀

  3. I have a CGM sensor, but I love the Dexcom G4’s color graphs! Hope you are happy with the transition 🙂

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