Happy (roller coaster blood sugars) 4th of July!

Not the greatest start to the day of celebrating our Independence….woke up with a blood sugar of 200 (that had apparently been going on all night, but I never woke up to fix it), went down to 55 after breakfast (?!?), back up to 150, down to 70, and now a 113 with a northeast arrow going up. And the day isn’t even half over yet!

Blood sugar roller coaster aside, we have enjoyed some family fun already today….a local theater had a $4 kid’s movie at 10am that included the admission AND a kid’s tray of popcorn, drink, and fruit snack treat for each person – score! Penny had never been to a movie in a theater before, so this seemed like a perfect trial to see how she would do. If we had to bail out early, it wouldn’t feel like such a waste since we would have only spent $12. The movie was Ice Age: Continental Drift….it won’t be winning any awards,  but it was entertaining enough, and she only got squirmy  in the last 15 minutes or so. Yaaaay, we saw a movie together as a family! My husband and I LOVE movies, so we are hoping as she gets older, it can be something we all can share and enjoy together. (And hopefully we can see some movies we all enjoy a little more than Ice Age. It was just – eh.)

Tonight we are going to a friend’s house for a cookout and fireworks…my day is filled with family, friends, and fun – I couldn’t ask for more! (Except maybe for a steady 100 blood sugar, but I guess we’ll have to work on that…..hey, by the time I finished writing this post, the Dexcom was showing a steady 120, straight arrow across. I’ll take it!)

Yay, popcorn!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Happy (roller coaster blood sugars) 4th of July!

  1. Ugh, roller coaster days are such a drag, but I’m glad you all were able to enjoy the movie! I hope the stupid blood sugars settled down for the rest of your day!!

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