Going to the Doctor

As diabetics, we go to the doctor for so many things…. labs and checkups every 3 months or so with the endocrinologist, checking out your feet with the podiatrist, monitoring your eyes with the optometrist, assessing the lady-parts with the OB/Gyn (for us women….men, I have no idea if you do anything about your manly-parts, but considering how my husband NEVER goes to the doctor, we’ll assume you don’t go yearly like we do), and going to general practitioners for colds, flu, allergies, and everything else under the sun. Heaven forbid you have other ailments that send you to specialists for gastrointestinal issues, back pains, joint problems, etc.

I can’t count the number of hours each month I spend sitting in some kind of healthcare professional’s office, just so I feel like I’m “maintaining” this body and keeping it’s oil changed, rotating the tires,  and making sure things are working properly. So it really gets my goat when I have to go to the doctor for something stupid. Like, a freaking infected finger due to pulling a hangnail. Seriously, an infected finger??!!! From a hangnail???

This is the second time it’s happened in the past year. I promise, I wash my hands all the time, and I don’t live in squalor, so why does this keep happening? Oh yeah, I’m diabetic and have a “compromised” immune system. (And, I don’t moisturize my cuticles. So sue me.) Does anyone else feel like you get sick/get infections way easier because of diabetes? Is there anything we can do to prevent it besides living inside a bubble?


(The picture really doesn’t do the pain justice – it’s swollen, red and angry-looking, and I can feel the throbbing as blood pumps through it. Typing with it is near impossible, and if I touch it, it feels like someone just stabbed it with a hot poker.)

2 thoughts on “Going to the Doctor

  1. Yeah – but you know what? Even if you have something seemingly non-urgent, somehow throwing the diabetes card at the scheduler gives you a priority to appointments to make you feel better faster. At least for me. Sorry your hangnail went rogue and is causing you grief.

  2. Oh man! That actually looks quite painful!

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