Dexcom (Seven Plus) Language Translation

With all techy things, I tend to throw caution to the wind and just use them in order to figure out how they work rather than read the instructions. Ha. I figured out this beeping/vibrating translation for the Dexcom Seven Plus quite a while back, but wanted to share for posterity’s sake.

I am not sure if the Dexcom G4 works this way, but I hope it does! I’m sure if I would read the manual, I could find out, but what’s the fun in that?

I have set all my alerts to Vibrate (just because the beep drives me crazy and tends to always happen at the most inconvenient times) and love how the number of vibrations communicates what my sugar is doing without me having to actually look at the receiver.Buzzt Buzzt Buzzt

Buzzt Buzzt (2 vibrations) = Sugar high/ moving over my high threshold.

Buzzt Buzzt Buzzt (3 vibrations) = Sugar low/ going under the low threshold.

BUZZT BUZZT BUZZT BUZZT (4 vibrations and maybe beeping too…is it bad that I can’t remember right now?) = Girl, your sugar is crazy low, get your butt in gear and do something about it NOW!

And any subsequent repeating vibrations of the same number mean my sugar is moving in some way, so it helps remind me to look, and possibly do something about, that high or low.

My husband has learned the language of the vibrating/beeping Dexcom as well, so together we can worry (or not worry) about a moving-up-or-down-sugar if we are involved in activities we do together…like, sleep 🙂

One thought on “Dexcom (Seven Plus) Language Translation

  1. it was amazing to me the first time i got a 2AM bzzzt (2, 3, 4) for low under 55. the extra beats really did wake me up more than the regular number of low buzzes (3?). like you, i don’t remember for sure. but the more emergency-ish one really communicates the extra excitement.

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