Skipping Sunday – Extreme Skipping

While scouring the internet for skipping videos to share today, I did come across a great compilation here.

Big Brother is watching through targeted adsBut the thing that really creeped me out was the targeted ads on the right hand side of the page….one for the Dexcom G4 (which, I just took out of the box this past week and started charging up to begin using it in the near future) and another for, which is the method we are using this weekend as we do “potty training bootcamp” with my daughter. It’s like, Big Brother (or the NSA?) is watching me and knows what I’m doing!

2 thoughts on “Skipping Sunday – Extreme Skipping

  1. I see targeted ads for Omnipod all the time (and after reading this, so will you…). It does creep me out a bit to see these types of ads on non-D-related sites.

    But please let me know how that three-day-potty-training thing works out. I mean that…

  2. We’re on Day 2 of 3. Feel like it’s starting to sink in, and she went to potty (versus having an accident) 13 out of 16 times today. Potty training is another job in itself and you pretty much have to put your life on hold for the 3 days you do this boot-camp. I’ll post about this in the near future and give way more info, once it’s all said and done 🙂

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