Just Go Walk!

I’ve added a new tool to my foot pain treatment regimen – Skechers Go Walk shoes. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when my friend Kelli suggested I try them out to help with my plantar fasciitis. But, considering how much foot pain I’ve had  for the past 8 years, I will happily pay around $45 for shoes that just might ease some of the pain.

My favorite exercise option has always been walking or hiking. I’m just not a big fan of sweating, especially in the 200% humidity summers of the southeast, but when walking or hiking somewhere scenic, I can forget about it for a time. I love nature trails, and love being outdoors, but my feet have been a limiting factor, since, it’s hard to say you “enjoy” a nice long walk when halfway through it, your heels are exploding in pain and you have to limp your way back home. And let’s not talk about the “morning after hobble” when you roll out of bed and almost crumble to the floor.Just Go Walk!

I’m still testing these shoes out, but so far (knock on wood) I would say I have about a 30-40% improvement, which is HUGE. Less pain at night after normal daytime walking, less hobbling, less cringing when my feet hit the floor in the mornings. I’m hoping to put these shoes to the TRUE test soon and actually walk or hike a couple of miles, and then we’ll see what happens. I’m so ready to just go walk!!!

6 thoughts on “Just Go Walk!

  1. a fresh, youthful spin on diabeetus shoes

  2. Good Luck with the news shoes! I’ve been buying brooks runners for the past three years to avoid the sort of pain that you’ve endured. At around $200 a pair I feel they’re worth it, just so I don’t have that crippling pain the next morning (and they only last about 18 months at the rate I use them). I might look into your shoes as a causal alternative though.

  3. Nice! I hope they help!

  4. My mom just bought them for her plantar fasciitas and they seem to be helping her too.

  5. Great!! I have a pair and absolutely love them. I wear them all weekend long. I also have plantar fasciitas and wear saucony tennis shoes and really find them great as well. Good Luck!

  6. Those look very comfortable. I have been walking a lot more and am on the market for actual walking shoes, instead of my chuck taylors, so I look forward to your review of them. 🙂

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