The Sugar-Free-Or-Not Quandary

Coffee is one of the great pleasures in my life, and thankfully, I can usually drink a sugar-free or close-to-it concoction that doesn’t wreck my blood sugars. (Even though some people have issues with coffee/caffeine raising their blood sugars, regardless of other ingredients.)

I have assessed (by trial and error) how my local coffee shop makes my coffee drinks, and after hundreds of cups of coffee, know the ones I need to take insulin for, and the ones I don’t. So, when some new barista comes in and makes my Grande Iced Skinny one-and-a-half pump Mocha (which SHOULD be using the sugar-free chocolate syrup), and I receive a drink where the label doesn’t quite true-up… I believe that it is the same drink I am used to accounting for sugar-wise, or not?Mmmm....coffeeOver the years, I have lost the taste for sugary sodas, sweet tea and the like, even though pre-diabetes, sweet tea was probably my favorite drink. Now, it’s too syrupy and sickly sweet to stomach. I really don’t drink sodas at all anymore (carbonation is my enemy, for so many different reasons), but on the off-hand chance I get one, I can realize pretty quickly if I ask for diet and accidentally get the full-blown-sugar-filled version instead. But today, with this coffee drink….I wasn’t 100% sure. So far, I am hanging steady with sugar numbers in the 80s without taking any extra insulin, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this drink really is what I think it is. Either way, it’s tasty and I’m finally awake, so, yay!!

8 thoughts on “The Sugar-Free-Or-Not Quandary

  1. Hopefully they made it correctly for ya. Through my own trial and error I have come to find that coffee spikes me up. I might need to figure out a proper bolus for it though because some mornings I am in desperate need of some coffee. 🙂 Your drink looks delicious!

  2. I have never been to a Starbucks with printed drink labels–ours are just Sharpie scrawl, so it’s always a mystery.

    Is carbonation bad for diabetes? I am so curious. Sorry if too nosy.

    • Carbonation causes crazy gas for me – burping and otherwise 🙂 – and sometimes upsets my stomach as well. Don’t know why, but it never bothered me until after I became diabetic.

  3. My poison is a “skinny vanilla latte.” But I still have to figure in for the milk it contains, so it’s usually a 12 -14 carb snack that I need to account for.

    The problem I experience is when I head to hipster-esque shops that look at me like I have three heads when I ask something “unnatural” like sugar free syrups.

  4. I think (knock on wood) that I have finally figured that it’s the creamer that makes me spike when I drink coffee. If I use sugar free creamer (Current obsession is coffee mate SF vanilla caramel) and bolus for the small amount of carbs in it, I’m usually OK. Seems to have been working for the month or so since I made the switch.

    Now watch, tomorrow morning, I’ll spike b/c of my coffee. ;o)

  5. Tip from my best friend: If you get a drink and you don’t know if it’s sugar or not, test it…. just like you would your BG, but with a drop of the drink. This is how I figured out that Chick-Fil-A’s “diet” lemonade isn’t so “diet”. Not sure how well it would work for sugary Starbucks drinks though! 🙂

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