Spicy Chicken: Sugar Nemesis

I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE spicy chicken. The kind that has the sweet/hot chili sauce. The craving for it comes out of nowhere, but it may have something to do with my allergies and sinus issues. Anything that will open up my head and clear it out of the heavy mucus-filled disaster area that it becomes in the Spring and around various blooming times is a welcome event. But it never fails – any time I eat spicy chicken, I pay the price for it.

English: Spicy Chicken 中文: 辣子鸡

English: Spicy Chicken 中文: 辣子鸡 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After 19 years of diabetes, I apparently still don’t know how many carbs are in it, or how I should wrangle the dual-wave bolus on my pump in order to keep my blood sugar from soaring into the 200s and staying there for several hours. I’ve tried not eating any rice with it. I’ve tried eating only brown rice. I’ve tried eating the fried rice in such small proportions that it wouldn’t satisfy a small rodent creature. No matter how many carbs I think are in it (sometimes upwards of 60 or 70 grams, I guesstimate!) and I allow for, it still jacks up my sugars.

Then, after say 4-5 hours of being in the 200s and feeling like crap, it’s time for dinner. So of course, I eat something sensible, and what happens? Crash, crash, crash. So frustrating. But, I still LOVE my spicy chicken. I may not eat it very often because of it’s negative sugar effects, but I surely do savor and appreciate it when I make that sacrifice.

2 thoughts on “Spicy Chicken: Sugar Nemesis

  1. Your blog looks pretty today.

    Who makes this spicy chicken for you? Maybe they are using lots of corn syrup or honey? It looks delicious. And is there bacon on top?

    I feel like it should be almost zero carbs. It’s chicken. This mystery must be solved.

  2. Thanks! 🙂 This was just a stock photo, but I swear I’ve tried every kind of spicy chicken there is – from homemade, to PF Chang’s, Pei Wei, Red Bowl, to every other restaurant out there who makes some form of it. Doesn’t matter, still wrecks my sugars. When the chicken is breaded and fried, I know that adds on more carbs (and fat, that means the carbs take a while to hit, just like pizza) and I account for that even. Rice is also a kicker, but like I mentioned, I’ve tried brown rice, no rice, minimal rice, etc, and accounted for those carbs as well, and it still jacks it up. Sigh.

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