Another Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Option?

One thing I forgot to mention in my post yesterday about my left foot…..Dr H. also mentioned one other course of treatment we haven’t tried yet called PRP – Platelets Rich Plasma.

As it was explained to me (or rather, how I am now explaining it in my own simplistic terms), for PRP they first take your own blood, extract platelets from it and suspend them in the plasma, then inject it all around your foot in the inflamed areas. Because the platelets are so rich in all the “good blood stuff,” it speeds up and aids in healing since it’s injected right there at the source of the pain and inflammation.

Blood platelets

Blood platelets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There appear to be several studies (and even a link to a YouTube video that I can’t convince myself to watch) that discuss PRP and note marked improvement in patients with chronic plantar fasciitis who have it done. I’m just not sure what I think about it? I’m still a little gun-shy about getting any sorts of shots in my feet again after I had that awful reaction to the cortisone shots. Just another thing to ponder if the NSAIDs don’t help calm things down. (And I’m also buying some Skechers GoWalk shoes at the recommendation of a pregnant d-friend who has foot pain as well….if these shoes work for her,  I’m willing to give them a try!)

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