No Hitter!

So I guess this isn’t *technically* a 24 hour no-hitter since the graph barely squeaks above the 140 mark at one point, but it’s pretty darn close!! On this day, I somehow even managed to avoid the crazy-high post-breakfast spike!

Yay!And as and added bonus to show how truly amazing the Dexcom was in addition to my sugars, it was the 4th day since I had been able to charge it because I was traveling and forgot to bring my charger. I was thrilled the battery lasted this long!

(For more fun diabetic terms and definitions like “no-hitter”, see: Diabetes Terms of Endearment eBook)

3 thoughts on “No Hitter!

  1. Nicely done! And with a “high” threshold as low as 140, I’d say it counts.

  2. That is terrific. Great job! I was looking into getting a dexcom CGM as I have heard many, many good things about it. 🙂

  3. Totally counts! And BONUS points for the perfect 100 mg/dl showing, too!

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