To FitBit or Not to FitBit

In my neverending quest to find techno items and tools that will encourage and aid me in weight loss, I have stumbled upon the Fitbit family of products that looks like something I could use, but to be honest, I don’t know which would be best for me, is it worth it, would I use it?? I DO use MyFitnessPal on my smart phone (OK, well, I HAVE used it, but maybe I’ve slacked off now and need some encouragement to get back on that wagon) and I think I read that the Fitbit interfaces somehow with that.

FitBit Fun

Does anyone around here use a Fitbit? If so, which one do you like best, and why?

9 thoughts on “To FitBit or Not to FitBit

    • I do believe there is a psychic connection amongst us diabetics sometimes 🙂 Thanks for the info!! Of course, they don’t mention how it works with an Android/Google-based user and phone. Hmmmm.

  1. I wanted one too – but the new one is on backorder (8 – 10 week wait) and that one you have pictured is the old version that is no longer in production.

    I actually want it for the sleep tracking and the silent alarm (I don’t track calories) and the steps.

    When I was researching I was tossing up between the Jawbone UP and the Fitbit Flex or the Fitbit One – they are a gadget and I like gadgets but I don’t think I really NEED one lol

    • And I just took that picture of the Fitbit I saw in Best Buy just a few months ago. Should I be worried they are updating the products too fast? Or be worried I buy one now and the next model is out so soon it becomes a dinosaur too quickly?

      • I’m not sure to be honest.

        I’ve done a lot of reading on them though – what do you want it for? because that will probably determine which one you should get.

        Like I said, I don’t count calories because of the way I eat, but I like the idea of counting steps (and stairs) just to make sure I stay active and I love the concept of sleep tracking.

      • I think they have a couple in their current product line that are at different price points – and maybe some that do different things. I have a few friends at the gym who have the Fitbit ZIp and really love it. It is tiny and has a tight grip clip. I believe it’s around $60.

  2. I don’t use it, but I’m super interested in it and think it’s a very awesome tool for tracking. I was thinking about getting one as well. I’m curious if other people have used it too and what they think.

  3. I just got the Flex for Mother’s Day. It was back ordered – but didn’t take long to come in – maybe 1.5 weeks. Brookstone has them as does Best Buy. I don’t normally like the plastic bracelets – but this is so comfy. I don’t even know it’s there. I’m glad I got the Flex b/c I didn’t want to have another thing attached to me. I’m a klutz – so the bracelet was the best choice for me. I workout often – but have been trying to do more “steps” per day for a long time. The Flex makes me think twice about walking more. It’s like a game – a contest – and the immediate result syncing with my iPhone is so cool. It sends me congrats messages and does a little vibration “happy dance” when I reach my goals. The instant cheerleader is so encouraging. I also love how it tracks sleep. That was the real selling point for me. It is pretty cool to see my sleep patterns so far. It tracks when you are restless, awake and asleep. There are many other options and things to explore about the Fitbit products & tools – but so far I truly love it.

  4. I have the FitBit Zip.. the tiny one. I keep it clipped to my bra so no one can see it. I haven’t used it this week, but I usually do because as Gina stated, it’s sort of a game. It encourages you if you’re close to your goal too.

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