Dexcom Sensor at 3 Weeks

Dexcom Sensor at 3 weeks

Yes, this is what it looks like on my never-sees-the-sun thigh when I wear a Dexcom sensor for 3 weeks. The suggested use is for just 7 days, but I tend to stretch it to at least 2 weeks, and on the rare occasion (like now) for 3 weeks. Kerri over at SixUntilMe had some great discussion around it last week, so I just wanted to share my own experience here. I use Skin Tac and Opsite Flexifix to keep these suckers on as long as they are still giving me good numbers that true up well with my fingerstick meter. I calibrate at least 3-4 times a day, and more if I think the Dexcom is going wonky. On days 1-3 of a new sensor, I am certainly calibrating more because it gives REALLY crazy numbers then as it tries to align itself with my interstitial fluid. (See, I provided a link for you there because I knew it was too early in the morning to use such big words.)

Crazy numbers in the beginning of a new sensor, and some quirkiness aside (like the ???’s I get whenever I lay on top of it while I’m sleeping,) I love my Dexcom CGM. It helped me reduce my HbA1c from the 7’s into the 6’s in less than a year. It got me through pregnancy, and I believe I had a wonderful and healthy baby in no small part due to the added blood sugar knowledge and control that it helped give to me. I know my methods of use and experience with it may not work for everyone, but for me and mine, I would never again want to live without it.

6 thoughts on “Dexcom Sensor at 3 Weeks

  1. How do you deal with pants rubbing against the site? I’ve tried wearing it there and it became painful after a few days, so much that I had to take it out…

    • I wear pretty loose pants most of the time, but it’s also positioned off to the side and sometimes towards the back of my thigh. Except for the occasional time it has caught against a doorframe when I was being a klutz, it has never bothered me there. Also, the numbers it gives have been WAY more reliable than it ever was on my belly.

  2. We love the Dex/Opsite Flexifix combo too!

    Some mornings I wake up and there will be a mysterious gap in the graph from 2-4 AM—now I’m thinking that must be when my son rolls over onto his belly. Dex must be all “???” but no one’s awake to notice. (My husband and I sleep with the Dex by our heads; the sensor and transmitter are through a wall.)

    I’m finding around day 10 we start to get funky numbers, so I’ve been pulling it then. I’d love to make it to 3 weeks. Some day…

    • yep, I called Dexcom early on when I wore the sensor on my belly and had ??? every night because I slept on my belly. They said – well, try not to lay on it. Ha. Soon after, I switched to my thighs and haven’t gone back.

  3. Our thighs look pretty similar 😉

  4. I’m another fan of the Skin Tac & Opsite tape for Dexcom sensors! That stuff rocks!

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