The Finger-Stick Blood Geyser

SAMSUNGI know we’ve all had one of these at some point in time, but this is the first time I’ve documented one of mine in a picture. I couldn’t frame the picture large enough to get the entire swath of my bathroom that the geyser touched, so I just got some of the main bulk here that was in the sink – there was blood spatter on the mirror, on the side wall, and even on my shirt. (I really hate the ones that spray you in the eyes or on your face – ewwww.) It’s like, you prick your finger, and never know if a nice, clean, round drop of blood is going to show up there for you to use and test, or if it’s going to be that one time out of hundreds that decides to “geyser” on you and spray like a fountain of blood from the worst B-rated horror movie you can imagine. I ranked this one a 9 in the amount and diameter span of spatter.

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